Use the Feynman Method to Breeze Through Your Exams

Excelling in school is an excellent way to guarantee yourself a bright future in the modern-day competitive world. Good grades secure your entry into a world-class learning facility, where you can learn from the best teachers in the country.

Retaining the help of skilled tutors in Bromley can help you improve your performance and teach you one of the best learning methods.

1. Borrow a leaf from an acclaimed gain.

Learning experts agree that the best way to truly master a subject is to teach it to someone else. Teaching someone is part of the famed Feynman technique, used by a world class Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman.

He followed this step to mold himself into one of the brightest minds in the world. Feynman developed a four-point learning technique that can help you master any topic in any subject without tearing out your hair.

2. Identify your topic.

The first step entails writing down an entire concept from start to finish. The key here is to use simple language as you explore the relationships and connections between the ideas. If you find that you’re struggling, be sure to note these gaps.

3. Review your current knowledge.


The second step in the series entails reviewing the material using the gaps you identified in step one as guidelines. The holes act as a feedback mechanism that forces you to go back to the source material to re-learn until you can fill the gaps.

The second step helps you avoid the phenomenon known as the illusion of fluency that gives you a false sense of mastery. You need to identify the limits of your understanding of the subject to avoid making a mistake and identifying gaps is the quickest way to get there.

4. Simplify and organize your information.

The third step entails organizing and simplifying the information into a set of handwritten notes. Be sure that you haven’t copied this notes word for word from the source. Instead, they should be in your own words, explaining the concept in your own words using simple language that is devoid of jargons.

Read your notes out loud as this helps you to root out winded or complicated explanations as those are indicators that you haven’t quite mastered the subject.

5. Teach it to an 8-year old.

Next comes step 4 and this is where having a study buddy helps. You need to teach or explain the subject to your study buddy as you would to an 8-year-old.

Teaching a new concept to someone who has little knowledge about the subject to the point where they understand is the hallmark of learning abilities. Such an approach gives you a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas, as it entails tearing them down and rebuilding them from the ground up.

Learning a new concept especially when sitting for an exam often leaves many learners stressed. In most cases, such students follow ineffective learning methods which lead them to put in a lot of results with little to show for it. Incorporating the Feynman learning method into your studies can help you get better results and have a better understanding of the material.