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Upgrading Your Staff and Other Ways to Boost Your Salon Business

If the customers are the ones who bring in the business, then the employees are the heart and soul of the company’s operations. They’re an important company asset since they’re directly involved with how your business runs.

Every single one of them is the face of the company and acts as a representative of it. Because of this, it is wise to thoroughly check if they’re qualified before you hire them. However, even if you’ve accepted the best ones possible, you’ll find that there’s still room for their improvement.

The following are some methods that you can use to better them.

Sharpening Your Skills

Your workforce may be employed for years or has only started, but it doesn’t change the fact that refresher and training courses can make your workers better. For example, your salon staff may have fundamentals down, but they can still do better after undergoing an NVQ Level 2 or 3 hairdressing course.

Aside from formal courses, one-day workshops are also a great way for them to increase knowledge and practice their craft so that they could apply it to work. Hold assessments from time to time to ensure that they’ve learned what they can and have applied it.

Focused Group Discussions

group discussion

Your employees are part of your company, so it’s only fair that they have some say in matters such as salary and policies. In this kind of activity, you can get their opinions on certain topics and promote critical thinking as well as give them a feeling of being heard.

You can use a setup similar to a talk show or a discussion in the living room so that people can get comfortable talking and absorbing all that needs to be learned from the experience.

You can also conduct this kind of activity while having a meal together to make it livelier and encourage participation. You can also create visual aids that’ll help get the point across.


Individual skills and talents are vital to a business, but the company’s workforce depends on how it performs as a team. One method of bringing the members closer together is through team building activities.

A group with people that know each other well can work and communicate with each other better than one that doesn’t. You and your employees will gain an opportunity to do something outside of work while strengthening the bond between them. Think of the whole activity as a vacation but with a purpose.

Learning and improvement are two activities that shouldn’t stop when it comes to us people. Change is a constant, so we should do our best to make it such that we become better. What separates the great from the good is how they receive changes and how they work to give their best as long as they could.

Take advantage of these opportunities to make your employees from mere workers to partners in your business and its success. You won’t be the only one who’ll benefit from these, after all. They have much to gain as well.