Traffic collision

Understanding the Types of Traffic Collisions

Accidents are common when it comes to motor vehicles. While there are ways for you to get around it, they can happen at some point. If you do get into such an accident, settling out of court is the ideal approach. But if you do end up getting brought to trial, getting all the information you can is key to making a good defense.

From Chicago to Everett, car crash lawyers are extremely familiar with the different types of traffic collisions, since this knowledge can help them determine things such as insurance payout, the degree of charge if cases are to be filed, and setting the case for public record.

If you are facing such a case, here are the types of traffic collisions that are commonly accepted bases for the court cases that can be filed:


Rollovers are generally divided into two categories: tripped and untripped. Untripped rollovers are usually accidents since other forces inherent to the navigation and drive of the vehicle cause it to roll over or tip. In this case, insurance plays a bigger role in cases filed, as there are external factors that lie outside for human control that form the basis of the case.

On the other hand, tripped rollovers are the more common basis for cases filed since the offending party is often involved in a collision. Since rollovers have a higher fatality rate than other types of car collisions, car crash lawyers will often be hard-pressed to defend against a plaintiff without the proper proof.


The most straightforward type of collision is head-on. This is when two vehicles collide the front part. This usually happens when one of the vehicles involved rounds a turn or some other driving error happens on the fault of the drivers.

Head-on collisions can often happen in a variety of cases since the vehicles can be coming or going along several pathways, and external factors such as the layout of the road, other drivers, and external factors that can amplify the damage. This is the most common scenario where you’d call in a car crash lawyer since their services are often required to sort out the paperwork.


Rear-end collision with drivers

Rear-end collisions are common for car crash lawyers who get called since damages paid to the plaintiff can be difficult to prove. There are also a variety of factors that can be traced to the defendant’s fault since the circumstances surrounding the collision can be extremely tricky to describe in court.

Rear-end collisions often depend more on external eyewitnesses and recording devices, because the testimony of the two affected parties can often be clouded depending on the outcome of the accident. In which case, legal proceedings when it comes to rear-end collisions can take a while.

The important thing to remember is that when you’re involved in a car crash case, knowing as much about the events is crucial. It allows you to build a stronger case and defense and can be extremely important when it comes to the paperwork for reimbursement.