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Top Day Trips from Manila

Manila is a sprawling concrete jungle unevenly characterized by slums and high rise buildings, entertainment districts and malls. The pollution and traffic can drain your energy after a day of exploring its attractions. Luckily for you, the metro is a possible base for day excursions to nearby provinces.

Travel experts recommend the following places to include in your day trip itinerary.

Taal Volcano

Batangas is a go-to destination of city dwellers because of its proximity and accessibility from Manila. One of the places to visit in this province is the famous Taal Volcano. Visitors can see the volcano and lake from one of the restaurants and cafes.

However, for those who want to experience nature, you can go hiking and boating. The trail is easy and provides stunning views of the surroundings.

Mount Pinatubo

When you decide to get a van rental here in Manila, Philippines, make sure to add Mt. Pinatubo to your list of places to visit. The explosion that took place in the early 90s decimated the surroundings and spewed ash to not just within the volcano’s vicinity, but to other parts of the country as well.

Fast forward to today, Pinatubo is a popular destination as a day trip from the city. A 4×4 vehicle will take you through a barren, lahar-filled and bumpy terrain before arriving at the start of the trail. The hike is strenuous, but worth it once you reach the lake. The beautiful views of the crater lake will make the trip worth it.

Las Casas

The Spaniards left an indelible influence on the Philippines one can see this in the architecture and religion. Las Casas in Bataan is a possible day trip destination that provides you with a glimpse of the country’s old colonial epoch.

The traditional style homes, cobblestone streets and kalesas (horse-driven carriage) will elicit a sense of nostalgia from visitors. Ride the boat along the canals of Las Casas, take a leisurely stroll or simply admire the beautiful buildings.

Pinto Art Museum

visitor looking pictures in art galleryLocated in San Roque, Antipolo, this museum has several exhibits and displays of art that will keep you busy during your visit. The artworks will amaze you and make you realize the ingenuity and creativity of Filipinos and Filipinas.

The complex also has some picture-perfect spots, ideal for selfies and Instagram posts.

Taal Heritage Town

This heritage town in Batangas has quaint houses that will take you back in time. The traditional houses made of a mix of stone and wood will provide you with a glimpse of a bygone era. Walk around the alleys and imagine being in Spanish times.

You’ll also find the towering and beautiful Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours or the Taal Basilica near the old town.

Nagsasa Cove

If you want to visit the beach, Nagsasa Cove in Zambales is a must. The overlooking view of the cove and the hills surrounding it are simply stunning. Enjoy the views, laze on the shore, wade in the waters and just enjoy nature during your stay.

These are just some of the day excursions you can make from the bustling city of Metro Manila. Add these to your itinerary and discover what the Philippines has to offer.