night view of Makati, the business district of Metro Manila

Top 4 Unique Reasons for Making the Philippines Your New Home

The Philippines is an incredible country. It’s rich in resources, culture, art, and opportunities for the foreign traveler to make this their new home. These perks and benefits are so diverse and numerous it would be a shame to miss out on all them.

If you’re a foreigner who has been eyeing the possibility of visiting or even migrating to this beautiful country, here are only a few of the benefits when living in the Philippine islands.

Career Opportunities

The Philippines is one of Asia’s leading English education providers. There are even foreign businessmen, politicians and other professionals who seek Filipino teachers to educate them in conversational and professional English.

For native English speakers with a much more personal and familiar grasp of the language, you can fill in educational job vacancies in high-end schools such as BSM, Ateneo, and the like. Other professional choices can include speech quality control or English-speaking consultant for BPO and international companies located in the Philippines.

Food, Glorious Food

roasted pork

One quality that Filipinos are known for is their love for food and drink. Instead of the regular greeting shared between friends, people always ask if you’ve eaten. They encourage people to keep having seconds and thirds during parties.

Locals will even wrap up a bag of leftovers for you to bring home. The Philippines values flavor and volume over visuals and presentation, so certain food like their roast pigs and duck eggs can be culturally shocking to you.

Fear not — these dishes are loved at large. Besides, you will never starve in this country since you can find restaurants almost everywhere and at very affordable prices.

Abundant Art Scenes

The country’s entered its own version of artistic Renaissance in the past two decades. More and more artists are getting recognized for their contributions to the local market and international movement. If the visual and performing arts are your cup of tea, you’ll find them hawking their wares at numerous conventions, galleries, and exhibitions.

There are monthly theatre performances by independent outfits and production companies. Art is so deeply rooted in the Filipino culture that it won’t be hard to find an artist hidden in every smile you receive.

Rich Languages

The Philippines is rich in its languages. There are dozens of unique cultures with their own sets of unique stories, songs, and performances that speak of epic love and gods.

If you are passionate about language and words, you will have paradise at your fingertips studying Tagalog, Waray, Ilocano, Cebuano, and more. But the biggest linguistic bonus is that English is practically a second language for the Filipinos so it won’t be difficult for you to connect with the locals.

From BSM job vacancies, incredible food options, and a loving and hearty people, you can always find something incredible in this tropical country. Home is indeed where you find it, and the Philippines is perfect home even for foreigners.

The people are friendly; the seasons are mostly warm, tropical and easy to predict. It’s not a wonder, therefore, if you decide to come for fun but stay for the warmth. And that can be easily said of the country’s climate, the culture and, most of all, the people.