heart-shapped chocolates

The Best Chocolates to Send as Gifts to Your Loved Ones

Some people say chocolates are the universal language of love. For every occasion, may it be a birthday, graduation, Valentine’s, wedding or just a thoughtful gesture, chocolates are well-appreciated and welcome gifts. You can even have chocolate gifts and hampers delivered in the UK any time of the year, whether there is a special occasion or not.

You can send it to cheer someone up, have it delivered with flowers or wine, or make chocolates part of a large food hamper put together for a loved one. It can be a good housewarming present or a gift to welcome a new baby in the family.

Here are some of the favoured chocolate brands in the world that you can send as thoughtful and well-meaning gifts.


This is one of the most famous chocolates all over the world. Nestle is the maker of Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Kitkat and Baby Ruth, to name a few. This company is a known international brand that manufactures cookies, baking items and other consumer goods that include beverages and milk.

Ferrero Rocher

This is yet another favourite brand of chocolate sold from all corners of the globe. Millions of people continue to buy the brand’s signature chocolate, which has been around for more than 200 years now.

Ferrero chocolates come in an elegant gold foil cover, packaged in luxurious crystal boxes. Some boxes are heart shaped for special occasions. This decadent treat is made up of hazelnut chocolate, milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, which are coated by a thin and crispy wafer shell.

Lindt & Sprüngli

This company originates from Switzerland, the birthplace of milk chocolate in the world. They started producing chocolate treats in 1845 and also own the largest chocolate factory worldwide.

The most famous chocolate they have produced is the Lindor Truffle. This is a ball of chocolate that has a hard candy shell and chewy, gooey chocolate truffle filling. Lindt chocolates also come in dark chocolate with an assortment of nuts like almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. The special varieties are also filled with liqueur.


Hershey’s Kisses

This chocolate brand is well known to children because it markets treats aimed for this audience. Some of the most common products they are known for are Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, Reese’s Butter Cups and Almond Joy. The company also invests in baking products, from cocoa to chocolate chips.


This is another Swiss chocolate brand. The distinctive chocolate is shaped like a mountain, representing the ubiquitous Matterhorn. The triangular packaging is also another feature associated with Toblerone. One unique thing about it is the texture and flavour of its nougat.

These are just some of the most known brands of chocolates in the market today. These are easily sourced and gathered together for a bundle you can have delivered to someone special. If you are feeling down or are too lazy to go to the store for a chocolate pick-me-up, you can even have them delivered to your doorstep. Why not? Everyone deserves a good bar of chocolate. Unwrap your gift to yourself and enjoy!