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Study Your Way to the Top with These SAT Tips

students studying for SAT'sHaving good Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores expands the opportunities available to a student right out of high school. High SAT scores make college applications easier and employers more open to the attached resumes. Almost every academic tutoring franchise for transitioning high school students offer SAT preparation because of their importance to the lives of students.

The main thing a student needs to do when preparing for the SAT is to study properly. But how can students study effectively to get the scores they want? Websites such as have some recommendations.

Assess Your Weaknesses

Part of SAT preparation is running diagnostics on your skills. Assess your strengths and weaknesses at least half a year away from taking the SAT. Take assessment tests, the Preliminary SAT, or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test to check your readiness.

By testing early, you’ll know which skills need extra time in the oven. The results may even move up your studying timetable. Figuring out what you need to improve early will help you rectify these areas and improve what needs to be improved.

Some academic institutions recommend taking at least two full practice tests. These tests will serve as checkpoints on the way to the actual SATs. You can check the progress of your studies based on your results from these mock-ups. Official SAT sample questions are also available for practicing students.

Prep with Classes

In-person prep classes can help you immensely. By meeting with an instructor and classes, you have people that will help you feel obliged to work on your goals. Prep classes can help you keep on track while you’re busy with regular school work. You can also choose the size of the class you’ll attend.

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You can also choose a prep class according to the teaching style. Visual learners may opt for classes that use a lot of pictures, flashcards, and other aids. Auditory learners benefit from instructors who supply audio versions of their lessons in addition to giving clear instructions during class. Late or after school prep classes may suit busy students or those who learn better at night.

Be Familiar with the Format

SAT is highly standardized. Students who know how SAT questions are asked have a huge advantage over those who do not. SAT essays may be optional, but the SAT math test will always be there to test a student’s knowledge over math concepts. Written language capabilities may be tested in other ways than essays. Vocabulary skills are tested in different ways and integrated into the SAT Reading Test.

Prep classes and preliminary tests will contain questions in the format of the actual SAT. Math sections will contain grid-in questions or student-produced response questions. Two-column presentations and underlined text will be present in the reading test. Essay prep involves critical thinking, grammar and spelling improvement, and creativity.

Students familiar with the questioning style of SAT will find themselves free to study for the content.

Students unsatisfied with their scores and non-passers can get a second chance at the tests. Underprivileged students can take advantage of free classes offered by some libraries, online classrooms, non-profit organizations, and schools. With SAT scores rising and the number of takers topping two million, more organizations are providing aid to students who need it.