Roofing Styles and Designs

roofThe shape and design of a roofing system plays an important role in maintaining the building envelope. The right style and design will contribute to the home’s energy efficiency and will have an effect on the property’s overall resale value.

Read on to learn more about the different roofing designs and styles:

Flat Roof

As its name suggests, a flat roof is a low-pitched roof, allowing the surface to be used as a garden or an additional living area. Waterproofing is important for this type of roof to prevent water accumulation.

Skillion Roof

Also called a shed roof, this style is a little similar to flat roof option, but has a steeper pitch. The skillion roof makes drainage easier and allows for different design options.

Gabled Roof

This design, also called the peaked roof or pitched roof, is easily recognisable because of its unique triangular shape. This roof gives you extra interior space, allowing you to transform an attic into more than just an extra storage area.

Hip Roof

This type of roof is very popular in Australia. According to Bower Roofing, this style has shady eaves and is especially resistant to strong winds. It looks like a pyramid roof, but is more practical in terms of architecture and overall use.

Arched Roof

This style is equipped with structural strength and gives a home an eye-catching and interesting roof design. Most arched roofs are typically made from curved steel.

Mansard Roof

Also known by some as the “French roof,” the Mansard roof is a variation of the hip roof. This type of roof is very unusual and gives the attic extra headroom.

Clerestory Roof

This roof lets natural light in and makes a home feel more airy, but keeps things private at the same time. This also allows passive heating and cooling when constructed and designed properly.

Whatever roof style you choose, it is best to hire a professional contractor for the project. A professional roofing contractor will use the right materials and construction methods to ensure that you’ll have a quality roof for years.