Black mold buildup in the corner of an old house

Remove Molds Inside Your House for Better Health

The fuzzy, white-colored patches on your basement or walls may not look suspicious, but they could already be causing harm to your family’s health. Molds and mildew can take the form of black spots or growth in the shower or orange stains in the kitchen. They are often mistaken as just dirt, but they pose a lot of dangers when left to grow and multiply.

According to health experts, mold exposure can irritate the eyes, nose, skin, throat and lungs. Some individuals are more sensitive to them and experience worse symptoms, including difficulty in breathing, blotchy skin and rashes. When these people are exposed to molds, they start sneezing, and their eyes become red and swollen. People with asthma, especially children, get attacks when they breathe in molds spores.

Molds love dark, damp spaces

Molds need moisture to grow and thrive, and there are plenty of these inside your house. Spaces in between walls, behind appliances, carpets, furniture and even in between the tiles and backsplashes are the favorite places of molds and mildew. Even if you clean them regularly, molds will always grow back since you are not around 24/7 to get rid of them.

The best thing to do is to keep moisture at a minimum. Keeping tiles and appliances dry as best as you can will help retard their growth. Besides keeping normally damp places dry, you must also do something to address the root cause of the problem. If there are leaks or dripping pipes in the house, it is best to get them fixed once and for all to solve the mold problem permanently.

There are also some more things you can do to keep mold growth at a minimum in other areas in your house.

Keep temperatures at optimum levels

Keep humidity levels in your home below 60% and use dehumidifiers as well as air conditioning units to reduce moisture levels in the air. Keeping the house warm during cold weather also helps. Do not forget to clean the air conditioning drip pans regularly, so there are no obstructions in the flow of water.

Call in the professionals for heavy work

professional mold removerYou can handle the wiping and cleaning, but the heavier work should be left to the professionals. Call for spray foam insulation contractors in Kansas City for adding insulation to floors and cold surfaces. This will help reduce condensation and prevent mold growth.

At the same time, have carpenters and plumbers fix the leaks and seepages in your basement or attic. HVAC experts should also check your heating and cooling system to see if it is running properly. The ducts should also be inspected for air leaks.

On warm, humid days, you can keep air flowing inside the house by opening doors and windows or using fans for better air circulation. Improved air quality and the minimal presence of molds will keep children and the elderly in your home free from asthma attacks and allergies. Remember not to handle molds with your bare hands. Instead, call the experts for proper removal.