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Preparation Steps for Emergency Plumbing

Nothing can be as stressful to a homeowner as dealing with burst pipes in the home. First, very few homeowners have an idea of what they should do in such an instance especially if it is their first time.

Second, the mess that results after pipes bursting in a home is frustrating and increase the risk of water damage. In such situations, it is best that you contact a plumbing company for emergency plumbing repair service in Woodbridge, Virginia.

But, to prepare for that, here are steps you should follow when you any pipe in your home’s plumbing system bursts:

1. Turn off your property’s water supply.

Your plumber must have told you that the first thing to do when you have an issue with water leakage is to switch off all water inlets to your property. Doing so prevents further damage on your property from the leaking water.

Look for the water main outside the house to cut the water supply in the entire house. Go ahead and drain water from your pipes through the different taps and other water outlets in your home.

2. Look for the problem.

Once you confirm that there are no further water leakages in your home, you can go ahead and look for the root cause of the plumbing problem. The plumbing system is accessible in the home through the bathroom and kitchen. Diagnosing the causes of plumbing problems helps to understand the size and complexity of the problem you could be dealing with.

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3. Clean up the house.

It is obvious the plumbing experts will come to sort the problem in your home. However, it may be hard for them to work well in a flooded home. The major clean-up will include draining the excess water from the floor, wiping surfaces, and getting rid of items on the floor.

The cleaning job could be a lot and help from other people will get the job done quite fast. Water damage is a significant cause of mold growth. So, the faster you clear the water, the higher the chances of protecting your home from water damage.

4. Hire drying services.

Draining the water from the floor is not a hard task to tackle. However, drying the wet furniture upholstery, carpet and curtains is a challenge. Contact a cleaning company that offers both cleaning and drying services.

Clean and dry conditions limit the growth of mold in your home. If the water damage due to the pipe burst is extreme, you may need extra services such as floor replacement and home repairs.

A pipe burst in a home’s plumbing system is not a desirable occurrence. However, a pipe can burst due to different situations. In that case, emergency plumbing repair services from a reliable plumbing company will help.

Even after contacting them, you need to undertake some steps in an aim to contain the situation before the plumber arrives to fix the plumbing problem. Therefore, ensure that you have the plumber’s number on speed dial in case of an emergency. Also, hire a plumbing company that offers plumbing services around the clock should a pipe burst happen at night.