Evansville, Indiana

Points of Interest to See in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, which is a city in Indiana whose southern boundary lies in the Ohio River, is surrounded by low rolling hills and shallow valleys that are home to many parks and zoos. It is known for housing the Burdette Park, Mesker Amphitheatre and Mesker Park Zoo.

If you want to relax and at the same time, stay close to nature, you can spend time here with the whole family. Sometimes, having a picnic with the kids is just the kind of breather you need after a stressful week.

Interestingly, the city’s parks and other famous landmarks are maintained through commercial landscaping services here in Evansville. This ensures that the grounds are kept clean and welcoming to guests. You will find fresh blooms in spring and summer, and colorful foliage during the autumn months. Improving the park’s facilities is also a big plus to accommodate various age groups and types of visitors, whether families, groups of friends or students looking for a chill weekend.

Here are some of the parks and landmarks in Evansville people visit when the weather is great.

Garvin Park

Garvin Park is one of the oldest and most historic parks in Evansville. This place is perfect for a weekend getaway. Its 80-acre wide space provides a large lake, playground, tennis court, swimming pool and several basketball courts.

The spacious park allows visitors to set up tables and tents anywhere or park their trailer trucks near the picnic area. Garvin Park is not crowded, so kids have a lot of space to run freely without getting hurt. It is also located near Bosse Field.

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden

giraffe in the zoo

Visiting the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden is both fun and educational for children. This place is home to more than 700 animals, which include a Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world, as well as giraffes, lions, tigers, zebras and Mexican gray wolves.

Various local and exotic plants can also be seen in the botanical garden. Visitors can experience a walk through the South American rainforest through “Amazonia,” an enclosed climate-controlled jungle. A peaceful paddleboat ride on the Victoria Lake is also a must-try.

Hovey Lake

Hovey Lake is one of the favorite destinations of nature lovers and camping enthusiasts. It offers a 4,400-acre wildlife area where people can fish, hunt and camp. It is located on the west bank of the Ohio River. Hovey Lake has a rich biodiversity that is protected by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. It boasts of a beautiful hiking trail, which passes through a twin swamp and cypress swamps.

Howell Wetlands

Another picturesque tourist spot in Evansville is Howell Wetlands. It is a 23-acre urban wetland park that consists of various habitats. People visit Howell Wetlands to enjoy the marshland, bald cypress and hiking trail, and to discover wildlife in this area. This place is home to many muskrats, beavers, herons and wood ducks.

This is located on the west part of Evansville. It is important to remember that this place has one of the most well-kept trails in the city. Running and biking are prohibited so as not to disturb the wildlife.

People who visit Evansville can find a park, zoo or garden to relax during their short and fun weekend. A picturesque, well-maintained and beautifully landscaped garden and park is good for both the visitors and wildlife in the area.