View of a modern workplace

Modern Office Design Trends That Change the Way People Work

Office design trends have evolved tremendously over the last decade. With each passing year, new technologies are implemented in office spaces around the world, leading to workplace experimentation and exciting design opportunities.

This changing landscape is expected, as innovation is a vital part of any successful business strategy. Offices have transformed from boxed-off cubicle-style layouts to thriving spaces filled with collaboration, enriching the experiences of employees during their working hours.

Experience-driven spaces

This trend emphasises the importance of employee experience at work, featuring areas in the office such as yoga studios, rock climbing walls, game rooms, beverage bars, meditation areas and many others. Companies can even design a separate section dedicated to musical events, plays and movie showings.

Having an experience-driven workplace not only boosts employee morale and wellness but also drives employees to socialise and collaborate with each other. According to the Harvard Business Review, close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by 50%. The review also states that people who are close friends with their workmates are seven times more likely to engage fully in their tasks. Experience-driven spaces provide an opportunity for better relations within the company, boosting efficiency during work hours.

Biophilic design

Office with plantsBringing nature into offices has never been more important than it is today. Between lengthier commute routes and longer work hours, employees are spending more time indoors and away from the natural world.

Biophilic design focuses on bringing natural elements into modern workspaces, helping create a stress-free and calming environment. It suggests that human beings have an innate connection and attraction to the natural world, making it important for urban spaces and corporate settings to incorporate elements of nature into their interiors.

Companies can install large windows to allow natural light to pour in, scatter plants around the office to create cleaner air and paint their walls in organic colours or earthy tones. All of these create a relaxing ambience that will help reduce stress levels as well as increase employees’ energy and focus.

Efficiency of space

As office rental rates increase every year, companies are now shifting from a ‘bigger is better’ mentality to maintaining smaller offices that make efficient use of space. This shift in culture has affected both the actual size of the company and the individual workstations. More and more corporations are ditching desks and adopting an open space philosophy, making it easier for employees to interact with each other and collaborate.

The trend for creating space-efficient workplaces has also increased the demand for mezzanine floors, and warehouses are no longer the only facilities installing industrial mezzanine systems. Many business owners find that mezzanine floors are simple solutions to divide the areas of their office. For instance, they may position the marketing department on the lower floor and the accounting department on the mezzanine floor rather than having both teams on the same level.

Ultimately, offices are evolving into spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but into spaces that contribute to the well-being of employees, as well. With all the emerging multi-functional designs, there’s no doubt that the future will bring new and innovative trends that will further change the way people work in a fast-paced world.