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Makeover Ideas for Overgrown Gardens

Time is one funny thing. People seem to never have enough time on their hands, but having too much time can also be a bad thing. With the passage of considerable time, time will wreak havoc on even the most carefully planned landscape. Hence, you might wake up someday to the sight of encroaching weeds, blurred garden edges, overgrown plants, and ugly trees. These all create a garden begging to be reclaimed.

The first thought, when faced with these, would be tree removal and stump grinding services along with other measures to flatten the garden in your property in Guildford, Surrey. While this might seem like the best and the most cost-efficient solution to a garden that has become an eyesore and breeds dangerous pests, you can get a professional landscaping company to give your garden an inexpensive makeover. Here are some ideas that might suffice for your overgrown garden’s makeover:

Create an Edge for Your Garden

One of the ways to transform your overgrown garden is by creating a border around it. A clean edge will create a demarcation between your garden and lawn, creating a colour contrast that has a high aesthetic impact. You can also choose an informal edge created using ornamental plants or have a garden bed in the centre of your garden to form an oasis-like area, while the space surrounding it is flattened.

Mulch the Garden

Mulch will suppress the weeds and overgrown plants in your garden. There are two varieties of mulch: organic and inorganic. While organic mulch is designed to boost plant growth, inorganic mulch will suppress weeds and boost the appearance of your garden. The mulch will be spread over a garden that has been cleared, and its look will be enhanced to create colour contrast. The mulch will also suffice for gardens whose plants have all been flattened and whose new plants have all been grown since it will protect these plants from harsh elements.

Create a Path

You can significantly boost the look of an overgrown garden by adding some structure and arrangement to it. If you have an overgrown garden, your landscaping expert can recommend the carving out of a path in it. This path will make your garden a place where you can stroll and admire the plants and trees there. The garden path can be lined with ornamental plants or stones. It can lead up to a focal point such as a cottage, a water fountain, a swimming pool, or an oasis.

Go for Rejuvenation Pruning

Pruning branches

This is one of the most drastic techniques for reclaiming your overgrown garden. In rejuvenation pruning, your plants will be pruned to an appropriate size. This will boost their growth and also help them recover from the overgrowth and become manageable. Rejuvenation pruning is generally done in early spring before your plants start budding.

The techniques mentioned above show you that an overgrown garden is not an irredeemable one. With the right expert methods, it might become one of the best things in your property. Before reaching for an axe or lawn mower and flattening your entire garden and leaving it bare, consult a landscaping expert on the methods that will work best for your property.