huge room with a shiny hardwood floor

Maintain the Shine of Your Hardwood Flooring

huge room with a shiny hardwood floorDo you want to know how you can preserve the natural shine and luster of your hardwood floor? For that to happen, routine maintenance or cleaning is necessary. When it comes to this task, there are specific rules that you must follow to avoid damaging its surface.

Dust Your Floor Daily

For areas with heavy foot traffic, sweeping or dusting your hardwood flooring every day is a must. This simple task can minimize the number of cleaners you have to use for the upkeep. Rather than using an ordinary broom, go for microfiber cloths and mops. These can easily trap and wipe off any dirt or dust on the surface without scratching or damaging the floor.

Vacuum the Surface Weekly

Vacuuming is a critical cleaning method that you must perform to your hardwood flooring in Orange County. Sometimes, sweeping or dusting the floor’s surface is not enough. Doing this step will leave every crevice and cranny of your floor clean and spotless. When vacuuming your deck, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid leaving scratches on your floor’s surface.

Polish Your Floor Every Month

 a woman polishing a hardwood floor

Hardwood floors usually have polyurethane coating on the surface. The purpose of the layer is to protect the wood beneath it and maintain the glossy shine of your deck. Over time, you will notice wear and tear on your flooring, which can make the surface dull and ugly. To revive back its original luster, periodic polishing with a buffing pad can do the trick. It evens out the surface and protects your floor from any scratch or marking.

With that in mind, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Avoid using wax or oil as it can cause more harm than good to your floor. Polishing must be done every month to bring back the good-as-new luster of your hardwood floor. 

Refinish the Floor’s Surface

If your wood floor is coated with polyurethane, it is essential that you re-apply the finish. Experts recommend doing it every three to five years, although it often depends on the foot traffic in the area. The busier the room is, the more frequent you have to coat the surface of your floor. This will be your last resort when polishing or vacuuming no longer improves your floor. For this step, it is best to employ the services of a professional floor finisher. This is to ensure that the coating is applied evenly throughout your floor.

Additionally, try to avoid doing things that can damage or stain your floor. When cleaning stains, do not use ammonia or vinegar as it can discolor your flooring. Instead, try using dusting spray (such as Windex), then wipe or mop it with a microfiber cloth. For added protection on the surface, you can put rugs or carpets. Doing so can reduce the impact of steps as well as keep away dust or dirt. 

In the end, wood floors are easier to maintain than most people think. It is just a matter of knowing the proper techniques to use when cleaning the surface. With routine upkeep or proper maintenance, you can continue to enjoy the long-lasting appeal of your hardwood floors.