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Job Termination: Do You Need to File a Legal Case?

Getting fired for no reason is downright frustrating. You’re suddenly out of job and don’t know how to make ends meet. If you think that your termination is illegal, you better seek the help of an attorney. Hiring the help of those who finished paralegal programs online is your first step. How do you proceed after? Here are some helpful things to take note of:

The Need for a Lawyer

You need the advice of a lawyer because they’re the one to determine if your accusations are founded. If it is, then filing for a case can proceed.

There are many angles that a lawyer will look at to come up with legal answers to your query. First, they will check whether the termination is legal. One of the common causes of termination is because of medical reason. Some employers have issues with employees going on medical leave. For this reason, they fire their employees when they return. Did you go on medical leave? Tell your lawyer about it.

Another reason for termination is discrimination and retaliation claims. Is there apparent discrimination in the office? Does your employer belittle women workers or do they dislike a person of color? Get to the bottom of it and discuss it with your lawyer.

Once your lawyer confirms that the termination is not legal, you will then proceed to the next step. They will discuss all the options you got, like giving details about agencies where you can file for your legal rights. They can point you to the state labor department so you can ask for wages and overtime that are still unpaid.

After that, they will tell more about the legal services they can offer. This includes filing for claims, sending a formal letter to your employer as well as asking for severance pay, or filing a lawsuit. Your lawyer may also tell you that you can file for unemployment.

Moving on from Your Termination

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Your lawyer is not your counselor, but they can offer an objective approach on the matter. They can give sensible solutions to your termination and help win your case.

There are risks when filing for a case. You’re not sure if you will win so better hire a good attorney for your complaint. Your attorney can more or less give you an idea of how strong or weak your case is. Before hiring one, however, make sure you understand the costs. Also, keep in mind if you will benefit from this case. Weigh the pros and the cons when thinking about this matter.

Ask the estimated amount or charges for this legal work. Attorney fees will depend on how long or how complicated your termination case is. It also depends on which kinds of actions you’re heading to. It’s possible that you need to pay for all the hours they will work, unless there’s another form of agreement. For this reason, ask beforehand all the possible costs so you can be sure. Finally, after much thinking on your part, it’s time to make a decision. Base it on facts and don’t let your emotions get in the way.

Getting fired is an emotional experience, but be strong and have faith that everything will turn out okay.