man getting his tooth fixed in the dental clinic

Finding a solution to a cracked tooth with cosmetic dentistry

Anyone who has ever had a cracked or chipped tooth will know how much of an impact it can have on confidence; especially when it comes to presenting oneself in professional and social settings.

However, it’s not necessary to put up a chipped tooth, and it’s a lot easier than people might think to find a solution. The first step is choosing an experienced professional who specialises in cosmetic dentistry.

Why it’s important to get a chipped tooth fixed

A tooth that has a part missing can be detrimental for a person’s oral health. This is because, depending on where the break has occurred; if the middle of the tooth has a crack in it the dental pulp could be made vulnerable – and the result of this would be that the tooth would become extremely sensitive.

This sensitivity could be quite intense, and relate to hot and cold temperatures and being touched. If treatment is not sought at this stage, the dental pulp is at risk of infection – which could then precipitate a requirement for root canal treatment.

Treatment with Bonding

Bonding refers to a treatment whereby the dentist reattaches the missing piece of tooth. This can be done if the piece of tooth that has come off has been carefully preserved – and it should be in good condition too. If this is not possible, the dentist can replace the missing part of the tooth with a special composite material.

This can be made to look very natural, as the professional will make sure that the colour and shape matches the rest of the teeth. The surface of the teeth remains intact, as there is little need to remove any for this kind of procedure.

Get a veneer

Another option for repairing a chipped or broken tooth is getting a veneer fitted to the tooth. The dentist can apply a thin porcelain mould to the surface of the tooth – and the tooth will look as good as new. The dentist may need to take some of the surface of the tooth away to ensure that the veneer fits properly.

Treatment with a crown

If the patient has a big part of their tooth missing because of an accident or fall, a more comprehensive replacement such as a crown is probably the best option. A crown surrounds the bit of tooth that remains right over the gum line. The dentist ensures that it is the same shape, colour and size as the original tooth, so this treatment can still create a natural look.

Making sure chipped teeth don’t happen

mouth putting on a mouth guard

While there are some occasions in which people can break their teeth through no fault of their own; there are steps that can be taken to minimise the chances of this occurring. People who play sports should ensure they use a mouth guard. Those who grind their teeth, especially during sleep, should talk to their dentist about solutions so that they don’t become broken or chipped.