Dentist in Southgate

A smile makeover for any occasion

People want to improve their smile for many reasons, and they don’t need to be simply cosmetic. Of course there are the added benefits of having more confidence by having the whiter, brighter and straighter smile that a person has always dreamed of, but there is also the advantage of these cosmetic aspects resulting in a healthier smile as well.

When looking for a dentist in Southgate, patients come to expect to have all the advantages that a modern-day dental practice can provide and it goes well beyond general dentistry.

Dentists have had many years training on many subjects regarding the anatomy of the face, jaw and mouth and have specific experience that goes beyond a normal health practitioner’s in these areas. It therefore has become a natural move for a dentist to include many more procedures that would otherwise not be considered to have in a dental practice.

What are some of these procedures?


A dentist has a deep understanding of the face and neck and is well aware of the structures that support the face and how missing teeth or degrading jawbone can age the face.

This is why dental implants have become increasingly more popular as studies have proven them to be competent replacements to tooth roots. The titanium rod that is screwed into the jaw actually fuses with the bone and creates a strong and secure bond for the crown or bridge to be secured onto.

The jawbone does not degrade over time, a process which naturally occurs when the bone is no longer stimulated, which results in sunken cheeks and an aged appearance.

Botox is not a procedure that one would think would be available in a dental practice. But not only can it be a useful method to prevent teeth grinding, it can also allow a dentist to provide their patient with the best possible smile that they seek.

There are many options available to a patient who is wanting a smile makeover, including botox to remove lines around the face and mouth, dermal fillers to restore shape to the cheeks and lips, veneers to align teeth that are slightly out of place and whitening to brighten a smile.

What else can you have done at a dental practice?

The dentist has always been the person someone goes to for help in maintaining good oral health and information on how to keep appropriate oral hygiene. This hasn’t changed and the dentist is available for all kinds of oral health checks and tooth repairs so that a person can remain with their natural teeth for as long as possible.

Preventive care is still deemed the best kind of care in a dental practice and any caring dentist will go to great lengths to ensure that their patient is well informed and doing all they can to prevent the need for fillings and repair to their teeth.

Dentists are experienced professionals who make it their mission to ensure their patients have the smile that they have always dreamed of.