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Choosing a Color Scheme For Interior Design

Most of us wish that choosing a color scheme for the interior design of our homes is as easy as picking the color of our shirt every day. Though some paint brands can be inexpensive and we can do the painting ourselves, the amount of time and effort a painting job requires can make us overthink what color scheme we want for our homes. We want that color scheme to be final since we’re not about to rearrange the furniture just to repaint our homes every couple of years.

If your landed property in Singapore needs professional interior design, you know too well the agony that people go through when they need to choose from a large color palette. A simple paint job can turn a small space into a less cramped interior. A warmer color can bring a cozier ambiance to any space. Cool colors can produce the illusion of a bigger space.

Your favorite color

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When choosing colors for the interior of your house, always start with a color that you love. You’ll never go wrong when you begin with a color that you like looking at. All you need to do afterward is follow that base color and create a color scheme around it. You will not be bound by the traditional rules of the color scheme. Instead, you will be free to choose a new color palette that seems perfect for your eyes.


Pay close attention to the amount of natural light a room gets before deciding on a color. Spend a day in that room and take note of how the natural light and artificial light affect the colors in fabrics, paint, furniture, and other surfaces throughout different times of the day. A room that receives less daylight than other rooms in the house will benefit from a warm color palette. That will soften the shadows.

Neutral colors

Neutral paint colors don’t have to be boring. A combination of neutral colors and earth tones can make a room feel and look more inviting and relaxed. You can shake things up a bit by opting for a striped wall in neutral colors or painting the ceiling with a pastel color, both of which can add color to a room without losing that soothing vibe that a neutral color scheme brought.

Spacious effect

Even people with big homes still want their interiors to look more spacious than they really are. You would want to consider cooler tones for your color scheme. White and pastel shades are effective in giving cramped spaces a more open look. Can you imagine what this can do to a room that already has an open layout scheme? If you want a more spacious look for a room, you also need to choose the furniture of similar or closely related colors.

Fabrics and artwork

One of the lesser known tips for selecting a color scheme for a home’s interior is consulting fabrics and artwork. Throw pillows, bedding, and table linens can provide inspiration for paint color ideas. If you are planning for an accent wall, look at the boldest color in the print. If you want a more subtle look for a larger space, check the small details in the fabric. The same goes for works of art. Take a fabric swatch to the paint store so you can compare colors.

The important thing about choosing a paint color is how you feel about it. Even if you select a combination of colors that everyone loves, you won’t feel a sense of accomplishment if it’s not exactly what you want. Whenever you tend to get confused, go back to the first tip: choose your favorite color and work your way from there.