Arrow pointing to good and bad habits

Change Your Environment to Change Your Bad Habits

Bad habits are easy to form but hard to break. It’s even harder to change for the better when you have no impulse control and your negative habit is easy to follow through. Rather than focus on how hard it is to break bad habits, let us talk about your environment and how it affects the results you want to achieve.

Get Rid of the Cue

You are surrounded by things and people that play a role in your life. At work, you have colleagues and while you may not have the choice to remove a suspicious character in the company, you have a choice to limit your interactions with them. At home, you have your possessions, which you mostly buy or keep for yourself. Some of these may be the reason it is hard to break your habits, however.

Knowing that, it makes sense to get out of an unproductive environment if you want to change your life. There are two ways to go about this: First, you may choose to take out all the negative cues that are in your house so that you can move forward with a lighter load. The second option is to get yourself out of the unproductive environment, such as communicating with a Sprinter van dealer in Utah and using the vehicle to travel to a healthier and more productive place.

Increase Cues for Good Habit

Wherever you go, you have the choice to surround yourself with positive or negative cues. Positive cues reinforce good habits, while negative cues feed bad habits. An alcoholic who lives near a wine shop is not strong and testing his resolve. He is making himself prone to relapse because his addiction is within reach.

Cues for good habits can be anything from getting a reward for exercising or having a reminder that you are doing well not to cave into your negative behavior. Smokers can turn to exercise as a positive cue that takes their mind off their nicotine addiction, but gives them some same effects of smoking.

Make Good Habits Easier to Follow Through

Having a positive attitude

Who would find it easy to switch to healthy snacks when their fridge is filled with junk food? To make good habits easy to adapt, make negative cues less accessible. This means getting rid of unhealthy snacks in your house so that if you crave for them, you will need to get dressed, go out, and buy them. Meanwhile, your fridge is fully stocked with fresh fruits and other healthy snacks that are just waiting to be eaten.

Be honest with yourself. No one can go cold turkey on junk food without craving it in the next couple of days. You will need to eliminate this powerful negative cue if you are determined to live a healthier life.

There is no room for pretentions when you are aiming to change negative habits. Accept that you have these habits, turn them into positives, and be aware of the good and bad cues that affect your decisions, even unconsciously.