Building Your Business: Qualities of a Good Commercial Builder

wo engineers working in a construction site

While construction may seem clear-cut with clearly defined goals, there’s a world of difference between home building and constructing a commercial space. These differences must be considered during the planning and design stages.

The key element is finding the right commercial builder, preferably one that also offers construction design services. Why? These companies would be able to execute your vision clearly, as they designed it for you.

Here are the qualities to look for in a commercial builder:

Complete service offerings

From design to planning and implementation, you want a company that can and will do these for you. Reputable companies understand the intricacies involved in a building project: measuring the site, preparing materials and personnel, allocating their assets, coordinating everything, and finally, starting the construction process.

Having one company doing all these for you may save you time and money, as it would lessen the coordination challenges that would otherwise be present if there were more than one company involved in the project.

Experience in commercial builds

There are unique challenges to commercial builds as compared to residential construction. An experienced company knows that and is able to act on it right away. You need to be informed of decisions to be made as the owner, and not have to sit and figure out what to do. A good example is the distinct building codes to be observed in a commercial build—these are completely different from residential projects.

You want a commercial builder who understands that your project is intended to generate profits not just for them, but more importantly, for you. They will suggest ideas to improve your business. They are capable of giving value to their service to you by being upfront with their ideas.


Hydraulic mobile construction platform

A builder with a complete arsenal of equipment would be able to deploy everything at their disposal to make sure your project proceeds according to plan and timetable. They know that a day’s delay will mean unnecessary expenditure for their client, and would do everything to avoid that.

License and insurance

A commercial build automatically means more people involved and the more people involved, the higher the chances of mistakes. A reputable commercial builder understands that and has appropriate contingency plans in place. This is where insurance comes in. Find a company with general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, along with the proper license to operate.

Support system

With so many elements to think of, find a reputable company that will remove all of these from your plate and will do so without being asked. This is support—addressing potential issues before they become issues. A good commercial builder has staff on standby at all times, able to respond to unforeseen problems. That company will keep communication lines open 24/7. They’ll make it known to you that for them, your project is of utmost importance.

Satisfaction for you means profit. Their responsibility to you doesn’t end when the ribbon has been cut. A well-designed and executed build means only one thing for them and you as a client—profit. If they set out a good build for you and they achieve it, this commercial contractor knows it will lead to another business.

A commercial build is exciting because it’s a business venture with a promise of a good return. The key is finding the right commercial builder to help you.