man remodeling a bathroom's wall

Bathroom Remodeling: Design Trends to Avoid

man remodeling a bathroom's wallYou’re finally remodeling the bathroom in your home in Kansas City. You’re probably excited to call a bathroom remodeling contractor to show them the Pinterest inspiration board you’ve been patiently building for months now. However, before you do that, if your board includes one of these bathroom design trends, think twice and think again so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Intricate Tiny Tile Patterns

These patterns look so Boho-chic, retro, and yet fresh at the same time. Each time you see a vanity, shower, or bathroom floor with those stunning mosaics of colored tiny tiles, you feel excited just thinking about how you’ll incorporate it in your bathroom remodel. However, there is a huge reason why more and more homeowners are shying away from this design trend and opting for bigger tiles. They are extremely difficult to clean. If you still must use tiny tiles, consider using them for an accent wall behind your vanity or somewhere where water can’t get to them as much like it would if you put them on the floor, shower, or tub.

Exposed Plumbing

This could look so industrial-chic or Parisian, depending on the finish of the plumbing you decide to go with. Also, fixing potential will be a breeze. However, it can turn off potential buyers, especially those with toddlers should you decide to sell your home in the future. However, if you’re really set on having exposed plumbing, just do it. It’s your home anyway.

Color Everywhere

Color undoubtedly makes everything cheery and cool, and the mid-century modern trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Still, color could also make small rooms like bathroom appear even smaller than they are. Bathrooms are among the most time-consuming and costly—if you’re planning a major remodel—rooms to renovate. Thus, you need to curb your design impulses since some parts are going to be costly should you change your mind, like a colored bath, tub, or tiles for instance. Potential buyers might also be wary of color and the cost of remodeling a bathroom. If you still need color in your bathroom, consider incorporating it on the walls, door, vanity, windowsill, or bathroom accessories.

Hardwood Flooring

Yes, wood is very cozy, classic, and inviting; it’s not as dependent on grout or slippery as tiles. However, tile is simply more sanitary, and wood can easily warp if you don’t dry it every single time it gets wet. If you simply must have wood in your bathroom, consider going with ceramic that mimics the look of hardwood instead.


an all white bathroom with a blue closet

A white bathroom can really look heavenly, relaxing, and chic, but keep in mind that potential buyers might not be keen on maintaining an all-white bathroom. Consider going with a color palette that features gray or beige neutrals instead.

Put simply, you need to take into account buyer appeal and resale value prior to making any costly updates during your bathroom remodel. You also need to keep in mind that not all bathroom trends age well, particularly if you are remodeling with the intent to sell your home in the near future. However, ultimately, do what you want; it’s your bathroom anyway.