Dentist showing tooth replacement process

A Natural and Beneficial Solution to Missing Teeth

A dentist who is compassionate and understanding will always listen to their patient and aim to align those patient’s dreams regarding their dental implants in Sydney CBD with reality in the simplest and most practical way.

Dentists are fully aware of the sometimes strained dentist-patient relationship due to dental fear and anxiety, so therefore work hard to gain the trust necessary to create a positive and healthy relationship, resulting in smile dreams achieved as well as excellent oral health.

There are so many options now available for those people who have either lost their teeth due to decay or through an accident. With approximately 1 in 20 Australian adults having lost all of their natural teeth, it is not an uncommon event for dentists to consider these patients during their daily practise.

What options are available for a person who has lost all of their teeth

The sooner this procedure takes place, the better. This is because over time, the jawbone begins to degrade when there is no tooth to stimulate and maintain jawbone condition. As they slowly recede, inserting the metal rod that acts as a permanent tooth root becomes more difficult.

There are plenty of options available for those people who have had dentures for a long period of time and have found that their jawbone has receded however.

Sinus lifts provide the opportunity for bone to be grafted onto the jawbone. The bone could be from the patient’s own chin or it could be a synthetic material. The foreign bone fuses with the natural jaw and creates a strong and capable anchor for the implant to be inserted.

All-on-four is a method that allows an entire set of dentures to be anchored onto only four of these metal tooth roots, allowing for faster healing time, and less invasive surgery to be completed.

The dentures can either be removable or fixed permanently in place, depending on the patient’s unique conditions.

What options are available for a person who has only lost a few teeth

Loose teeth for implant

For a single missing tooth or several in a row, there are also options that allow for a complete natural looking replacement that will behave just like regular teeth and will encourage prevention of gum disease, jawbone deterioration and tooth decay in the surrounding teeth.

If a patient has lost several teeth in the same area due to an accident or decay, then a bridge can be placed onto a single screw, meaning that the patient only needs to have one metal screw inserted as a replacement tooth root for up to four individual teeth, providing they are all adjacent to one another.

By discussing options with their professional and helpful dentist, patients are able to garner a deep understanding of what the best options are for their teeth and smile, allowing them to enjoy a quality of life without having to worry about gaps in their smile or additional concerns regarding their oral health.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.