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5 Suitable Types of Glues for Wood Related Projects

Choosing the right type of wood glue for your maintenance projects is essential. That’s because, if you have a kitchen countertop repair project or your furniture needs repair, you need to choose one based on the specific type of wood. It will also matter whether the application is for an indoor or outdoor piece.

An expanding wood glue type in the UK, for example, can be used in outdoor applications where temperature fluctuations tend to be more noticeable. A birdbath or a cedar deck will have different demands, as well. The following are popular choices that your contractor will likely have:

PVA glue

PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue is preferred for its versatility. Often white or yellow, the glue will probably be labeled as wood glue in many outlets. Some types of PVA will be waterproof, making them perfect for kitchen applications. However, this glue is complicated in terms of use. It needs care, or otherwise, it will interfere with the final look or finish of the application.

Hide glue

As the name suggests, this glue comes from hides. The glue has been in use for centuries, forming the basis for hot glue. It is handy for heated applications and will often be applied using brushes. There are versions of this glue that come in liquids of low consistency and are ready for use. Like PVA, hide glue can interfere with your finish. It needs to be dried off before you can proceed with the application. Unless you want something waterproof, this glue is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Epoxy will be sold as two parts: the hardener and the resin. Both of them will be in liquid form, but they mix and react to form hard glue. Epoxy is perfect for outdoor and kitchen applications because it is waterproof. It does an excellent job of filling gaps within a piece of wood. There are epoxy formulas that will need up to five hours to cure but typically, the longer the glue takes, the more durable it will be and the stronger the hold.

Polyurethane glue

 wooden fence

This glue type will swell as it loses moisture. It dries fast and can be used with quick projects. However, the adhesive needs to be used in applications that allow for rough finishes.

Cyanoacrylate glue

Also called CA, this glue does better than fix random wooden pieces. It can be used for parts that need robustness. It cures fast and so it can serve projects where speed is of the essence. CA glue is often sold with accelerants. Note that the paste should only be used temporarily. One can, for instance, create a block of glue with CA to create a clamp and then use a mallet to remove the blocks later when it becomes necessary.

The choice of glue is made based on purpose. Will you want the furniture waterproofed? How much time do you have for the project? Are there gaps in the wood that will need filling? Always be sure to have a full view of the project before you invest in any glue.