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3 Effective Ways of Encouraging Responsible Drinking

Responsible drinking may be defined as the conscious effort by a person not to let their drinking habits control their actions or deeds. It goes further than just limiting the amount of alcohol that they consume at a time. A proper illustration of responsible drinking is not drinking and driving.

Anti-DUI Programs

Anti-DUI programs are meant to discourage people against the habit of driving while drunk. There are various programs in Arizona that a person may subscribe to voluntarily or as a requirement by a court of law following a DUI charge. For example, there are Arizona DUI traffic schools that train on the importance of being sober when driving and the dangers of driving under the influence. Usually, the courses range from 12-hour classes to a few years. By the end of a course, it is expected that a person will have been enlightened to the point of appreciating the importance of driving while sober. It is not only a way of protecting yourself but also protecting those around you. There are other extreme programs such as hospital and morgue (HAM) programs that are recommended to repeat DUI offenders. Usually, the aim of a HAM program is usually to make the offender remorseful to the extent of hating the idea of drunk driving. It involves a four-hour tour of a hospital’s casualty area and wards consisting of DUI victims.

Drinking at Home

It applies mainly to those people that cannot seem to control their indulgence. If you have to drink until you black out, consider drinking at home. This applies to whether you have a car or will be walking home. Some people assume that just because they live a walking distance from their favorite drinking spot, they can drink themselves to their knees and crawl to their houses. You may be putting yourself at risk of being run over by a speeding vehicle, which may either leave you in a critical condition or result in death. Instead, consider buying enough alcohol during the day or after work on your way home.

Watching Out for Others

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Apart from watching out for yourself, you have a responsibility to watch out for your friends and loved ones. Make sure that they do not drive under the influence. Remember that it is just as painful to lose a friend or family member as it is for them to lose you as a result of drunk driving. If they come over to your house for a party, do not allow them to drive back while drunk. If you are not in a position to drive them back or cannot get a sober driver, insist that they stay over. They can then leave early in the morning when they have become sober enough to take the wheel.

Anyone that indulges in alcohol has a duty to practice responsible drinking. Through responsible drinking, a person may look for a designated driver before heading to a bar. Otherwise, they may consider buying their liquor from a liquor store and head home.