Mom and daughter playing

Your Guide to Spotting Your Kids’ Strengths

Being a parent or a teacher makes you spend an inordinate amount of time with kids. As they grow up, you will realize that they have their interests. Seeing this will easily help you make them maximize their potentials. However, not all kids exhibit interests and potential at an early age. When this happens, you need to do some probing — you will need to be attentive and sensitive to their needs.

Spotting your kids’ strengths is important if you want them to make it in life. If they know their strengths, they will be able to hone and make the most of them. When their skills are sharpened, they can easily deal with life’s challenges and get greater chances for success. This is the first thing that you want to do, especially if you are a teacher or a parent planning to get a childcare franchise opportunity.

KLA SCHOOLS, along with child development experts, list some pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Let them play

Play is an important part of childhood. This is where their imaginations are used and maximized. On top of that, their social skills are developed, a factor that you should not forget if you want them to grow up friendly and confident.

When you let your kids play, you will see patterns in their behaviors, especially when they are dealing with problems and challenges. You will get to see how they use their creativity and strategy skills to get around demands and situations. Encourage play; you may use a combination of digital (computer games) and traditional (outdoor games) strategies to gauge their strengths.

Record what they can do

If you have noticed something extraordinary or outstanding in your child, do not just ignore it. Who knows, what you have witnessed may be their greatest strengths. If your kid has managed to plant a plant successfully, they may have a green thumb. If your kids can play the piano without having to read the music sheet, they may be a musical wunderkind. Focus on these strengths, record their progress, and then plan the next strategy — honing these skills.

Encourage them to join groups

Honing your kids’ talents may mean having a mentor a tutor that will help them with it, but you should not just focus on getting experts to help you. Always keep in mind the social dimension of learning. For one, you can encourage them to join clubs and organizations. That way, they get to learn more things with their friends.

Do not pressure them

Mom and daughter reading a book

Some parents tend to have great expectations for their kids. Kids can sense this, and if they fail, they will feel disappointed, stressed, and anxious. Your kids do not have to undergo such emotional problems. What you can do is to avoid pressuring them or comparing them with their siblings and friends. Believe in them, and let them have fun!

Spotting the strengths of a kid may be difficult if you do not focus enough. Spend time with them and make sure that you get to know them better.