Workplace Whims: 3 Ways Millennials are Redefining Office Design

modern office designMillennials are taking over the workforce, with reports saying that more than one in three American employees belong to the Gen Y. It’s not surprising that they are largely influencing the changes in office design. Here are just some of the ways Millennials are redefining the aesthetics and functionality of workplaces:

The emergence of collaborative spaces

Online and offline, Millennials are drawn to social interactions. They are after collaboration in workplace settings. In fact, according to Salt Lake City experts, they would go as far as challenging their superiors and the existing hierarchies — not because of dwindling respect to authority — but on the belief that the best decisions come from listening to different perspectives.

This is the reason open-plan offices appeal to them more than the traditional cubicle spaces. It allows them to talk to their colleagues better and easier. The free exchange of ideas improves productivity and creativity.

The flexibility of design and function

Millennials are multi-taskers. They can jump from one task to another, as the need arises. To keep up with the multi-tasking capabilities of employees, most businesses prioritize versatile spaces and furniture. Working areas can easily be reconfigured to suit needs for working as a team or working individually — let’s say, with sliding wall partitions or movable desks or convertible standing ones. If you need high-quality office furniture, Salt Lake City stores have a range of versatile furnishings that could help you make your space more flexible.

The popularity of recreational facilities

From bowling alleys to in-building cafes and bars, offices have gotten a lot cooler and more fun in the last years. But the popularity of such facilities isn’t driven by sheer trendiness and extravagance. Businesses are offering these spaces to suit the work-life balance priorities of their Millennial workforce.

Work-life balance is important to Gen Y, as they believe that it’s the key to good physical and mental health, the determiner of productivity. If you want your Millennial employees to be consistently engaged and committed to their work — this may sound counterintuitive — but dedicated spaces for rest and relaxation.

The Gen Y is dominating the workforce, at the same time, dictating the trends in office design. Is your office conducive to the productivity of the biggest human resources today?