Why You Need to Update Your Manufacturing Website NOW

man coding a websiteBuyer expectations of manufacturers’ websites have changed. They are now more internet savvy than their predecessors and only want the best security and user experience from a website. If your website is not up to date, chances are, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Here’s why you may need to update your website NOW.

Your website looks and feels outdated

Industrial buyers do most of their initial research online so first impressions are crucial to getting new customers. Your potential customers are making their buying decisions based on your online presence so your website needs to be great. Having great content may not be enough. An outdated look and sluggish load time can drive your visitors out just as quickly as they found your website.

Have a look at your competitors’ sites to see if they provide an overall better experience for a visitor. If they do, get a trusted marketing agency to help you get a web developer that can deliver.

Your website is not optimized for search engines

Most of your visitors will find your website by entering words in search engines like Google. If your website does not include those words, you are losing visits from potential customers. Your manufacturing website must have a strong search engine optimization or SEO strategy in place to make sure that qualified leads will be able to find your website.

Your website is not generating any leads

Your website is your online salesperson that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who can reach leads that you may not have known even existed. It needs to have the right tools in order to attract these prospective customers. One of the most essential tools needed to convert visitors into potential customers is forms. With forms, you’ll be able to gather important contact information from your visitors, and it’s an easy way to get them in contact with your company.

Regularly updating your manufacturing website is a great way to acquire more customers and boost your online presence.