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Why Water Damage is Every Hardwood Floor’s Worst Enemy

hardwood floorsMost homeowners don’t realize it, but hardwood floors are surprisingly vulnerable. Although genuine hardwood is highly resistant to dents and other forms of physical damage, a few gallons of water can do some serious harm. If you are unlucky, it can lead to you having to tear out the boards entirely.

Perhaps a pipe burst when you least expected, or a flash flood almost submerged your home. In any event, clean up experts like AAA Restoration will tell you that it is crucial to get rid of the water quickly. Without fast action, your floor may become unsalvageable.

How Water Damage Ruins Wood Floors

Water damage is a more serious issue than people give it credit for. Although its effects are not immediately apparent, they are no less devastating than any other disaster.

Since wood responds to changes in temperature and humidity, too much moisture can cause permanent warping. When this happens, you will usually see the board swelling near the middle or curling at the edges. In extreme cases, there is no way to restore the wood to its natural condition.

Mold growth is an even worse threat, as it poses a health risk to everyone in the house, and it will continue to spread. Unfortunately, mold usually means that the hardwood is beyond saving, so you will need to rip out the affected boards and replace them. Prevention is definitely better than cure in this case.

Cleaning up the Mess

It is important to act quickly to save your hardwood floors, but think twice about doing it yourself. Simply grabbing a mop and getting rid of the visible water is not nearly enough. Without proper cleaning, mold is still going to grow and ruin your floor.