Visual Appeal: Grab Customer Attention with a Catchy, Unforgettable Ad

AdvertsingWith increased access to the internet, users consume a huge amount of new images and fresh information every day. The resulting sensory overload is making it harder and harder for online advertiser to get their audiences to pause and notice their brand. They should, therefore, utilise various creative online avenues, such as online ads, to gain an edge over competition, engage with clients and boost customer patronage.

So, how exactly does one create a successful online ad?

A Catchy Tagline

Advertisers shouldn’t waste time dawdling — whatever their message is, it has to be clear right from the get-go. Customers only spend a few seconds browsing online content, so if the ad doesn’t catch their attention right away, they’ll scroll past it and the ad will end up forgotten. A one-line, killer copy with complementary visuals, however, is easy to process and even easier to remember. Summarize the offering and focus on the benefit. This will be enough to pique customer interest and encourage them to check out the brand.

Know Your Competitors

Monitoring the competition's progress is important because it tells advertisers what they should and shouldn’t do. Being familiar with a competitor’s marketing efforts and content strategies will make it easier for a company to differentiate themselves and highlight their own unique offering. According to pay per click experts, using a competitive digital report can help advertisers make informed decisions about their online campaigns and make sure they stay ahead of the game.

Keep It Simple

Simple and effective communication is key when it comes to online advertising. It may seem tempting to take advantage of design and imagery, but simple, uncluttered design is what will hold a customer’s attention most of all. Likewise, advertisers should avoid using too many words to explain their services: an ad should only serve up the meatiest portions for the consumer.

Creating an effective and memorable online ad lies in grabbing a customer’s attention right from the start. Using the right techniques to achieve customer attention will make it easier for advertisers to engage with clients and boost conversion rates.