Paralegal Profession

The Value of a Paralegal Profession

Paralegal ProfessionThe paralegal career is not new. In fact, it is in existence for the major part of the century, although it has, in recent times, become a popular career choice. Undergoing training in paralegal courses has become an exciting career option today for several reasons. One such is that the paralegal profession is invaluable in the present legal climate.

Increasing Compensation

With paralegals not just acting as legal assistants like in the past, but also taking on more complex roles and responsibilities today, their compensation has also seen a steady rise. In addition, The Center for Legal Studies notes, there are the benefits of working overtime hours, as paralegals charge for their time.

Great Employment Opportunity

Paralegals are not full, licensed lawyers, which imply that their hourly rates are less than that of the latter. Obviously, from an economic standpoint law firms would like to hire more of paralegals than full time attorneys. This in turn has only thrown open more and more employment opportunities for the paralegals.

Easy Study

Additionally, if you were to become a lawyer you will have to undergo seven years of formal education and clear the bar exam to practice law. Compare this to the few months of study necessary to obtain a certificate in paralegal studies. Even with the bachelor’s and associate degree courses, the study duration is not very long. Moreover, nowadays you can undergo paralegal training online, too.

Miscellaneous Reasons

A few other reasons that make paralegal a golden profession today are:

• The increasing prestige associated with the profession;
• Offers an intellectual challenge and satisfaction;
• Proximity to the clients the profession affords (though paralegals cannot exactly offer legal advice or act in representative capacity in court);
• The opportunity it gives to help those in need.

For all these reasons, the time today is ripe for anyone interested in the legal profession to take up paralegal training. They are the invaluable grease that keeps the machine of law moving.