Understanding the Different Types of Hairdressing Blades

different types of scissorsSeveral years of studying in a hairdressing school will teach one the basic skills and knowledge before practicing this unique and artistic field. Part of the knowledge that one needs to learn is the use of hairdressing blades.

\With the variety of hairdressing scissors available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one to use for a customer. Scissor Tech US cites the things you need to know about hairdressing blades:


This is the most basic type of cutting shears. It comes in different sizes, which can help every hairdresser become more flexible in achieving the desired result.


These are also known as texturizing scissors. They can help a hairdresser achieve different results, depending on the type used. Generally, this pair is used to remove an excess chunk of thick hair and make it more manageable. It also gives a softer and more natural finish than straight scissors.


These are specially designed to remove chunks of hair way more than an ordinary thinning scissors can. It can remove 80% of hair all at once and is best used for people with thick and curly hair, as it gives a more stylish finish and shape.

Straight razor

Clippers are not necessarily scissors, but they are also used to give your hair the look you want. They are best used to give short cuts, leading to a faded or military cut finish.

These types of scissors might look similar, but their functions are totally different. Knowing and choosing the right one is, therefore, important to achieve the cut and look that a customer desires. Get the right pair of scissors only from a reputable supplier to ensure quality, durability, and reliability.