drain cleaning

Unblocking Drains: Doing it the Right Way

drain cleaningThere are many factors that can cause blockage in your drains and pipeline. Objects like silt, leaves, and dirt can block your drains and cause an overflow or an unpleasant smell around your house. This is why you should give importance to cleaning and unblocking drains. Here are a few ways to unclog your drains.

Using the Plunger

You can use a plunger to force the block from the pipe. The plunger is also a great way to solve toilet blockage. The water pressure created by the plunger is powerful enough to pull up the many things causing the clog.

Using Chemical

If the plunger doesn’t work, you can use chemicals such as hydraulic acid or caustic soda. These products are the commonly used products and are available at most hardware stores. In using such products, pour the chemical down the drain and leave it for a couple of minutes. Read the instructions carefully and wear gloves and a mask while you’re at it.

Using the Plumbing Snake

You can also use a plumbing snake or a flexible wire that can be forced into the drain. You can use it to remove clogs that cannot be solved with a plunger. The plumbing snake can unblock toilet clogs as well as drains. If you decide to rent a plumbing snake, make sure to ask the dealer for operating instructions.

Using a Water Ram

If you’ve tried everything else but still fail to see positive results, use a water ram. These tools are available for purchase at home improvement stores. They operate by generating a burst of compressed air that produces a shock wave through water.

Using the Easy Way

If you can’t unclog the drains or don’t have the experience, hire the services of an expert plumber. Such professionals will employ techniques to remove severe blockage. They know the right techniques and they have the right tools to address plumbing issues the right way.

When you encounter a blocked drain in your sink or toilet, use the easiest method to unblock it. If it doesn’t work, try other available options. When all else fails, there are expert plumbers who will help you unblock your drain.