Travelling to Cornwall: 3 Popular Cornish Ghost Tales

Ghost in a DungeonLocated in the southwest of England, Cornwall is a peninsula that’s renowned for its diverse coastlines, rugged cliffs, and wild moorlands. Apart from the beauty of its natural environment, Cornwall is also famous for its many ghost stories.

Here are some of these popular Cornish tales of ghosts:

A remorseful mother

The spirit of one Selina Wadge is said to wander Bodmin Jail, now a museum and regarded as one of the most haunted attractions in Cornwall, if not the UK. The story goes that Wadge was incarcerated and eventually executed by hanging in 1878 at the said prison for murdering her young son.

Reports claim that young children visiting the museum often see a lady, believed to be Wadge, in a long dress crying and reaching out for them.

A grieving wife

Prideaux Place, a sixteenth-century Elizabethan manor house owned by the Prideaux-Brune Family, is believed to be the roaming grounds of the ghost of Honor Fortescue. It is said that Fortescue, grieving for her husband Humphrey Prideaux, fell to her own death after jumping off a balcony.

However, some believe that Fortescue didn’t die by her own hand and was instead pushed off by someone else. Today, the ghostly “Green Lady” who turns people out of the bedrooms is thought to be Fortescue.

A restless mentor

Perhaps the most fascinating ghost tale is the one from Tintagel as the spirit is said to be that of none other than the legendary wizard Merlin. Tintagel hosts the ruins of a twelfth-century castle that is believed to be the home of King Arthur, and it’s reported that, under the castle, a dark cave lies.

According to accounts, the king’s mentor is often seen coming out of this cave and speaking a mysterious language.

More than the peninsula’s natural beauty, visitors will have a grand time in Cornwall because of its many intriguing tales of ghosts. Plan your next visit and prepare for a spooky yet memorable adventure.