Top 3 Special Features of Marine Plywood


Moisture is often an enemy to the longevity of wooden water vessels, primarily boats and ships. Fortunately, marine plywood is specifically manufactured to provide your vessels with maximum protection against harmful water elements.

Below, see some of the unique properties of marine plywood.

It is structurally flexible

Another surprising feature that you must remember when looking to buy marine plywood for sale is that it’s very flexible. This feature makes it almost an all-purpose type of plywood. It’s easier to give it any shape you want. However much you bend or shape it, it won’t snap due to pressure.

It would give out the best finishes while still maintaining the integrity of your structures. This feature alone makes it fit for use in the manufacture and renovation of a majority of water vessels.

It has unique water-resistant features

Naturally, wood allows water to permeate through it so fast. This causes rotting, and your furniture might not last long. But with marine plywood, no water seeps through as a layer of special glue is applied on its surface to make it waterproof.

In fact, the adhesive makes its exterior pore-less, making it suitable for structures exposed to high moisture environments, including oceans and lakes.

It’s scratch and impact resistant

In as much as marine plywood may be highly flexible, it doesn’t easily break. It’s exterior usually is very hard. Even if you accidentally drop any furniture made of this type of plywood, chances of it sustaining scratches and dents are typically low.

Besides, the fact that it’s hard on its exterior makes it also resistant to wear and tear, which means you spend less money on repairs and renovations.

With marine plywood, your options are limitless. You can paint your structure the way you want and make designs that suit your style. Also, with the knowledge of the above features, you will be in a better position to make a sober decision.