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Tips for Giving the Perfect Custom Gifts to Loved Ones

Customized gifts give you an opportunity to give someone special a present that takes their preferences and life achievement into consideration. It is a unique way of showing that you value the relationship you have and that you appreciate them enough to feed their interests.

Bearing these factors in mind makes the gifts unique, relevant and appropriate for the given occasion. Getting it right, though, takes some work. The tips below will help you arrive at the perfect personalized gift for your loved ones.

Plan Ahead of Time

If you know a person well enough to give them a customized gift, you will be aware of their oncoming events early enough. Once you know the dates, start shopping and planning for it in advance since customized gifts take some time to put together. Whether you are making or ordering them, you want to ascertain that they come as you would want them by scrutinizing the fine details.

If they are not, you will have ample time to make adjustments or opt for something else early enough. You also get to give it an appropriate budget and avoid last minute rush and frustrations. The last thing you want is to deliver your gift long after the occasion, as this will render it irrelevant.

Give It a Personal Touch

While customizing a gift goes a long way in showing the recipient that you care, adding a personal touch to it adds value. There are many ways to achieve this. For instance, you can have a picture of the two of you doing something fun printed on a mug or put something meaningful down on a card. Chances are, the card will last longer than the gift.

You can check Stampin Up card ideas that match the given occasion and put down a heartfelt message on it. This option allows you to leave the customized gift unaltered while still connecting the gifting to you, the giver.

Evaluate Their Past

If you have issues deciding what to give, consider events in the past and see if you could customize a gift around it. If someone recently adopted a dog, get them a painting of their pet. If they started a blog, give them customized merchandise such as a mug, pens or t-shirt bearing their web address and byline.

Look around their recent achievements and base your gift around that theme. If you go with this option, though, be cautious. Ensure it doesn’t fall way out of context but let it remain relevant to the event of the day.

Consider the Packaging

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You already put enough effort into the gift choice, and you should do the same when packaging. Avoid wrapping the gift in simple generic wrappers. Instead, get fancy papers or customized boxes for it. You can decide to pick the packaging in the same colors as those used for the theme of the event or in their favorite colors. This will leave a lasting impression and make the gift giving an occasion itself.

Gifting your loved ones shows that you care. When you customize a gift, it becomes unique and different from what other people give. The recipient knows that you put the time to it. The present doesn’t have to be expensive, as customization makes it stand out. The receiver will identify and connect with it while attaching more value to your relationship, too.