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Three E’s to Prepare Children for the Workplace of the Future

The world is changing and you would be wise to change with it. That is not to say you need to change everything about you and for many, it may even be too late. For your children, however, it is the perfect time. Teach them to be more open to an international mindset and they will thank you in the future.

These are some of the ways you can prepare them for the future:


Once they are already working, they will meet colleagues who are from different cultures and religious inclinations. As early as in their primary school, you can find the best international school in Bali where they will learn not just the skills they need to succeed, but also the proper way to communicate with people from different upbringings without offending anyone. It is the time to end racial discrimination in the workplace and your child will thank you for providing them with the kind of education that they can use no matter where they end up working.


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These days, it is impossible to shield your child from the internet. They are probably online more often than you can control their actions. And you shouldn’t. They are at an age where they can explore and find information on their own. What you should do instead is to guide them and lead them to websites that will give them accurate and meaningful information. They may also be talking to people from all over the globe and this makes them more aware of the cultural differences. It is not educational in the traditional sense, but they are learning about the culture of those who are part of it, which is better than learning from any book or teacher.    There is, of course, the issue of them meeting strangers online who do not have their best interests in mind. Keep a healthy relationship with your child so they will feel comfortable to tell you about the people they are talking to, which effectively lessens the temptation to break household rules and endanger their life behind your back.


The generation difference has parents growing up in a time riddled with so many issues and children who are more aware of how the past has shaped and will shape the future. When you raise your children with outdated and problematic ideas circulating in the household, you are keeping them ignorant about global issues. The most important part of educating them is educating yourself as well. Turn it into a bonding opportunity and spend time with them to try food from different cultures as a starting point. It will be easier to start with something that has an immediate benefit and will elicit a strong reaction, and move on to learning about the history and core components of that culture from there. A holiday in a foreign country is also another way to immerse in a new culture in an enjoyable and educational manner.

The internet has opened doors and broken borders, making learning easily accessible to everyone who has the initiative. Raise your child to know relevant issues and be a productive part of society.