The Virtual Bridge That Connects the Whole World


connectionCommunication is inarguably one of the most important aspects in life. With this factor, people can exchange ideas and messages that allow them to do a lot of things. The absence of good communication would most probably prevent people from functioning efficiently.

Before, the only way for individuals to communicate with each other in long distance is through snail mail or telegram. These forms of contact, however, are slow-paced and at higher risk of not getting through. But, with the development of satellite technology, people from the opposite side of the world can now talk easily and conveniently in real time.

Its emergence spelled better means of communication for people. It connects everyone around the world through international broadcasts, Internet access and wireless communication. The agents from Singtel Satellite say that this communication platform “bridges global connectivity gaps, without the need to deploy expensive infrastructure.”


But, more than merely giving people a more convenient communication means, satellite technology also provides other key advantages. One of them is cost-effectiveness. The cost of satellite connection does not depend on the distance between the points of communication as well as the number of users.

Information Security

With the addition of encryption technology, satellites can provide a more protected connection for users, especially for businesses. A private network is essential in keeping confidential information within the organisation. Heightened security network also benefits the government and military.


Satellite communication offers fast deployment because it is immune to the challenges of harsh weather, terrestrial obstacles and remote location. The key to a faster deployment of messages, however, is reliability. This becomes more essential today as the communications traffic continue to increase.

The rise of satellite technology signalled the start of a new era – an era of better communication and understanding among humanity. This technology made people more efficient, more than anything else.