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The Value of IT Certifications

IT professionals face a lot of technologies to fulfill their job functions. These technologies usually come from different vendors with their own standards. To ensure that an IT professional is well versed in technology, they undergo vendor-neutral certifications that test their ability on the underlying technology instead of just the specific product. Network+ (pronounced “Network plus”) is a mid-level certification for network and server admins. In studying for the certifications, the network personnel undergoes a Network+ practice test as part of their review.

Practice Tests

Certifications are expensive. They require experience in technology and plenty of time to study. The certification exams test for not only basic knowledge but also specific situations. The examinee should be able to draw on their experience as well as book knowledge in answering the questions. The practice tests give an idea and feel of what the actual test will be, which helps prepare the examinee.

One problem with certifications is that it has to keep up with the technology it tests. Technology keeps on changing. Every six to eighteen months, there is a new product incorporating the latest improvements in technology. Due to competition, manufacturers integrate these new features into their products. To be relevant, the certifications have to take this into account. As vendor-neutral technologies, the baseline implementation is included in the latest certification exams. This ensures that every examinee has an equal chance of passing the certification no matter what vendor hardware they have. It also means that the standard implementation is used instead of a feature specific to a hardware vendor.

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Quality Assurance

Passing a certification exam means that the IT professional is up to date with the latest hardware offerings. The Network+ certification tests for the ability to install, maintain and troubleshoot related hardware. The certification serves as an assurance that the technicians know their job and are capable of handling any issue related to the network. Although the certification is for the individual, it is also used by the company to assure its customers that they have the human resources to handle any network problem. This serves as a competency benchmark for both the individual and the company.

Network+ is just one of several certifications that technical people undergo. They upgrade their knowledge through continuous education and apply it to their daily work. Technicians demonstrate network skills in their work but are also evaluated according to their certifications. They “earn” points for passing certifications because they have put in the time to study the underlying technology. They also prove their competency by passing the certifications.

In the end, a Network+ certification does not necessarily mean that technicians are good at what they do. Instead, it shows that they are prepared and knowledgeable in working with network equipment and appliances. It is also a mid-level exam, which means that they have more than the minimum knowledge to work in a network and server environment. If you want to have a successful career in information technology, you should do your best to acquire professional certifications.