The Real Deal About SEO for Musicians

A musician singing into a microphone Musicians are two things: creators and entrepreneurs. Generally speaking, they have the ‘creator’ part down pat. What matters now is the ‘entrepreneur’ aspect of the job. Once they’re done creating material, it’s their job to sell that material. Most of the time, it’s through a digital platform. But when trying to sell via such a platform, it’s important to be found, first.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. Musicians have to be aware, however, of the intricacies of SEO and to understand their priorities after figuring things out in the digital market.

Setting Priorities

When it comes to musicians being creators and entrepreneurs, they must understand that they are creators, first. Dave Cool of Bandzoogle, a service that allows bands to easily build websites, believes that SEO is a hot topic among musicians, these days. But they have to understand that musicians should focus on the creative side of the job, and leave the SEO to the professionals.

Practitioners of SEO in London and elsewhere dedicate themselves to staying abreast of all updates on the search engine scene. Fulfilling the two-way aspect of a modern musician’s trade requires a specialist in the digital entrepreneurship part. An SEO professional can efficiently fill that role.

What Search Engine Optimisation Is

SEO’s importance lies in its ability to bring music content to more people without constant personal, time and resource consuming promotion. When people go online and type a specific keyword (in this case, they’ll be looking for new music), they’ll be brought to a website which contains what they’re looking for. Once an SEO professional properly optimises a website, a search engine is likely to trust it and keep sending online queries its way; not to mention, relevant traffic.

For musicians, the content is already taken care of. People look for new music, in this case; not good written content. What this leaves is the importance of understanding keywords. This is where SEO begins and ends for a musician. Keywords are what people type into search engines to look for anything, online. For instance, people may type something like ‘best new rock acts in the U.K.’ or a similar phrase. That’s a set of keywords, or a phrase containing a keyword – and for musicians, these words must be tailor-fit to what their music is all about.

These days, it’s almost impossible for musicians to be found in the digital arena without the help of SEO. This is a reality for the modern musician and his or her craft. SEO is the last piece to the puzzle, so to speak. Fortunately, there are dedicated professionals who can help complete that puzzle.