The Importance of Interlinking For Your Site

Building LinksInterlinking pages is a classic digital advertising strategy that has remained effective at improving search results ranks and the authority of website owners. Here are some ways interlinking can benefit your site:

Website Functionality

When you implement interlinking, it provides pathways to previously less accessible pages. It allows webmasters to organize pages based on certain categories such as keywords used in the anchor text and the URL. This approach makes it easier for users to navigate your site and find what they need faster. This makes your users more willing to use your site in the future.

When you interlink, the stronger page passes its credibility to those that link to it and the pages it links to. This is one of the ranking factors that search engines use to lower or improve the results rank of a particular site.

User Experience

Other than the search engine optimization value of interlinking, the latter is also valuable to improving the user experience. One of the ways to take advantage of your internal links is to add a navigation bar and a drop-down menu to help your users.

Provide distinguishable labels for the links. Doing so encourages visitors to interact with your website longer. This boosts the session length of a visitor, which in turn increases the likelihood of conversion

Link Authority

Internal links are different from backlinks. Internal links do not have a direct effect on the algorithm of Google. However, what this approach does is improve the flow of backlink authority that moves from page to page. New posts have no authority, that’s why a deep link to cornerstone pages and the home page may transfer earned authority to that new article. The better your authority, the more likely it would be for Google to show your page among the top results.

These are some of the important functions of interlinking.  Interlinking improves user experience, link authority and the functionality of your website. Implementing this strategy would help you gain a competitive advantage and increase conversion rates.