The Different Aluminum Fencing Grades

Aluminum Fence Aluminum fences are durable materials that are perfect for your backyard. You can choose between a wide array of ornamental colors, sizes and styles, as well as, consider the different grades for your industrial aluminum fence. Choose from the fencing grades below and identify what each means to decide on what you should get for your yard.

Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing

Pool grade aluminum fence is constructed and designed to obey the B.O.C.A. Pool Safety Standards. It has a self-latching and self-closing hardware that are distinct aspects of this kind of grade.

Pool grade is maintenance free and durable, while those who want more safety and protection can add pickets at the base of the fencing. They can also ask for tighter spacing in between the vertical pickets. This helps ensure that children and small pets won’t be able to enter without adult supervision.

Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing

The residential aluminum fence is extremely versatile, light and durable. It is ideal for any installation and usage as a fencing for the border of your home. These types of fencing grades are set up to create a boundary for children and pets, to embellish the landscape and to prevent unwanted visitors from coming in. Homeowners can set this up themselves and it will last ages despite regular use.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing

Industrial grade aluminum fence has a material that is high-quality and heavy duty. These types of fences are mostly used to serve as protection instead of mere decoration. This is heavier than residential grade and can endure natural elements besides intruders.

When choosing between the grades, it doesn’t really matter which you purchase as long as it has a distinct quality. You can select between a range of options, safety features, colors, styles and heights to figure out what will be best for your home.