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Vehicle Hire in Australia: Toll Fee, Unlimited Mileage and Insurance

Young Woman with Rented Vehicle

Young Woman with Rented Vehicle>Vehicle rental is a well-developed industry in Australia. The standards for getting a car, truck or ute for rent protect both the service provider and clients. With varying policies, the best way to deal with them is to get informed.

Toll Roads

The law requires toll road users to pay for its maintenance. As a vehicle renter, it becomes your responsibility, regardless if you are the driver or not. However, rental companies offer services for a renter’s convenience.

For instance, you may choose a “Toll Pass” All-Inclusive Service where you can bypass all toll booths and electronic toll charges in cities and states. It can be an electronic tag, which is a prepaid card that beeps when a toll is deducted. Drivers mount it on the windshield for convenience.

Or, if you prefer, you can just pay the fees to avoid penalties. With the latter, to have a local driver makes it hassle free.

Limited Versus Unlimited Mileage

Can you take your hired vehicle on a ferry? Are you allowed to drive on unsealed roads? Indeed, it would be wise to know the terms and conditions on unlimited kilometres. A free unlimited mileage is common nowadays in most popular Australian locations. Per kilometre charges thus apply to less popular and more remote locations, with a stipulation of a free daily travel allowance. Exceptions apply based on supplier and location.

Make sure to check the odometer reading against the reading recorded in the rental agreement upon pick-up of the vehicle.

Travel Insurance and Credit Card Insurance Cover

Both travel insurance and credit card insurance cover only rental vehicle damages. For damages to property and other vehicles, specific insurance with extra premiums will cover it. There’s also that covers damages to a vehicle rental and offsets excess. It’s called stand-alone rental vehicle excess insurance.

Varying options apply due to distinct circumstances. If you feel you need policies beyond general standards, then, by all means, try them.