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A Beautiful Union: How to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

rear view of bride with arm stretched, wind blowing through her veilIt’s not every day that you get the chance to marry the person you want to spend your life with. This is why when that moment comes, you want nothing else but to ensure that you’ll have the best wedding day ever. However, this type of celebration can test your patience to the limits because of the amount of work involved.

From the location, the guest list down to every single detail, you have to manage everything. Because of this, you might find yourself stressed out and confused. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the preparations less overwhelming.

Make Preparations ahead of Time

When it comes to events like this, the earlier you plan and prepare, the better. This is to give you enough time to organize everything. For you to keep track of the progress, it’s always good to have a checklist of things that need to be done. Having ample time on the preparation allows you to ensure you’re wedding will go as planned.

Scout for the Right Location

Whether you choose to do it indoors or outdoors, finding the right wedding location is vital to the success of the event. Consider the proximity of guests, the weather, and the amount of space you need. If you choose one of the barn venues for weddings in Minnesota, this wouldn’t be a problem since it’s covered and spacious. But for instances that you pick other venues, some adjustments might be necessary.

Ask for Help

DIY weddings are quite popular these days, but if things get awry, it’s almost certain that you’ll experience a major panic attack. So if you think you can no longer handle the process on your own, don’t hesitate to hire an event planner. This will help give you peace of mind in case an unfortunate incident happens.

Have Time for Yourself

While you want to make this event successful, don’t forget to have time to breathe. It wouldn’t be as memorable if you tire yourself out and don’t appreciate everything. It’s good that you’re working so hard in organizing and preparing, but you also need to rest so that when it’s time to celebrate this wonderful journey with your partner and family, you’ll feel proud and happy.

Don’t let wedding preparations ruin this moment for you. These things will allow you to stay sane and in one piece until your most special day.

Benefits of Building or Buying a New Home

buying a home in UtahMoving into a new home is quite the experience for most people. For many American families, a house is the single biggest investment they will ever make. There’s a reason a home is always mentioned right up there with “American Dream”, and not everyone is fortunate enough to own a piece of that dream.

For those who have worked hard, saved their money, made the right moves in investing their wealth, or perhaps received a sizable inheritance, the question is whether they should buy an existing house, or purchase a piece of land and build a new home from the ground up.

Of course, there are advantages to either choice. Here are some of them.

Building a house

When you build a house from the ground up, you can design it exactly the way you want. You can decide on how many rooms, pick the size and even the shape of each room, choose which direction the house should face, the materials you want to use, and many other aspects. As long as you choose reliable homebuilders in Utah like hamlethomes.com, your house will turn out fine.

If in the future you need to build an additional room or something similar, you can just call your builder and refer to your blueprints. It will be much easier than you already know the construction, where the wirings are, the plumbing, the weight-bearing parts, etc.

The best part is, your home is exactly the way you like it.

Buying a house

This is great for those who do not want to wait for construction to be over. It’s also a good option if you have a bigger budget, as you can expect to pay more if you’re buying a house because of its equity. Unlike a house you build from the ground up, which you can construct according to budget.

That is not to say, however, that you cannot find a house that fits your budget if your budget is reasonable at all. There are plenty of homes you can get for less money, but that is only if you are not too demanding on the quality of the house and its location.

Whether you’re buying or building, it’s always good news if you’re finally capable of moving into a house of your own. Before you decide, however, think very long about your options, so you won’t have any regrets in the future.

4 Childproofing Tricks You Should Never Miss

taking care of children in AustraliaBeing a parent for the first time is nothing short of nerve-racking. There are probably hundreds of things running through your head right now, from making sure your baby gets enough sleep or that you get to see the paediatrician regularly. But there is one thing you need to take care of before everything else: childproofing your home.

Statistics shows that in Australia, children from ages 0 to four are most vulnerable to being injured in their homes. You do not want your precious bundle of joy to suffer the same fate. Start by making your home the safest place for your baby.

Remove the cords

Cords and wires pose a serious strangulation threat to your baby. Remove or hide any cord that your child might gain access to. In the nursery, for example, window blind cords are often the ones that can be easily reached by a child. Experts from Image Blinds say you need to take into account the window blind design and see if you can shorten or remove the cord altogether.

Keep plants off the floor

The rule of thumb is to keep plants out of reach of babies. They might grab trailing vines, hanging leaves or a handful of soil, which are all choking hazards. It is best to have a garden or any outdoor space where you can put your plants, away from the curious hands of children.

Get a baby gate

This does not need an explanation, but some parents still think twice about getting one. It is always best to get a baby gate, especially if you have stairs.

Choose non-slip mats

Be sure to use non-slip mats in the bathroom to avoid any accident. Bathing your baby is a good parent-child activity and the last thing you want is to lose your balance and slip.

Childproofing is more than just making each table corner padded or each outlet covered. It is about rethinking the design of your home to make sure your precious child can move freely and safely.

The Right Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Specialty

NurseNurses are always in demand as they serve multiple areas of medicine. Being a nurse can be tough, especially when it’s time to choose a specialty. Be part of the specialty that suits you by asking the following questions to yourself:

What Are Your Interests?

When looking for a specialty, many nurses tend to overlook their interests because they think that it may not align with the career they would like to take. This is wrong. Your interest is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a nursing specialty. Do you like kids or the elderly? Are you interested in psychology or surgery? Pick the specialty that interests you the most, as it will make you happier and more content in the long run.

What is Your Personality?

How are you as person? Are you calm? Does chaos challenge you? Or maybe you’re sensitive about stories regarding the elderly or children? When choosing a specialty, consider your personality as well as your strengths and weaknesses. An intensive care unit may not work for you, but an oncology clinic may do. Take an honest look at yourself and determine what makes you feel right.

Are You Qualified?

A college degree may be enough for some hospitals and nursing facilities, but certain areas require further education and licensing. Surgical nurses, for example, must have a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certificate before working on a medical floor. On the other hand, if you are considering recruitment through ER staffing companies, then you will need an Advanced Cardiac Life Support training to advance your application. Consider your education and determine the specialties that suit you.

What Working Conditions Can You Consider?

Working conditions may not be a concern for you now, but it will be, especially when you start taking longer shifts and bigger responsibilities. Different nursing specialties entail diverse working conditions. Emergency room nurses, for example, have to work late-night shifts and attend 10 to 12 hours of duty. Some specialties may also provide a chance to work in additional settings such as schools, corporations or government agencies.

The nursing specialty you decide to focus on must align with your interests, personality, work availability, and education. Choose the one that suits you best to enjoy a successful and long lasting career.

Selling Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelryEstate jewelry is an asset that is worth a lot of money and has a huge market but requires a little care, if you’re planning to sell. The fact of the matter is that the opportunity to wear fine jewelry is becoming increasingly rare for people and disposing the jewelry makes a lot of sense because it is very saleable. Let’s take a look at the some of the things you need to watch out for when you’re selling estate jewelry or used jewelry, if you want to use a less desirable term.

Tips for selling estate jewelry

  • Take pictures: The easiest way to document your jewels and make an inventory is by taking digital pictures of the jewelry. This will help you to present the collection to buying service agencies who will be able to give you ball park for the jewelry.
  • Research your jewels: Make sure that you do your homework and gather as much information possible about your jewelry. This includes information like receipts, insurance copies, original boxes and any other paper work that might help to authenticate the jewelry. Personal information like stories about pieces can also be documented.
  • Look for bonafide agencies to sell through: You need to make sure that you find a reputable jeweler to sell the product to. You can accomplish this by doing some research online; BBB rating and user reviews can help you choose someone who is trustworthy.
  • An easy way to maintain harmony: AAA Jewelers says when jewelry is part of an inheritance that is left to a family, it’s always hard because there is no logical or clear way to divide the assets equally. If, on the other hand, the jewelry like a custom engagement ring, is sold to a jewelry shop in Salt Lake City and converted to cash, it becomes easy to distribute the money equally among family members and this prevents discord within the family.

These are some of the things you need to look out for when you’re trying to sell estate jewelry.