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Is There a Way to Stop Cyberattacks to GPS Satellites?

A satellite dishA South-Carolina-based university seeks to prevent cybercriminals from disrupting GPS satellite signals, which could be costly to different industries.

GPS now serves an important role in military defense, banking and financial, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications. Clemson University researchers plan to use a $1 million funding grant to eliminate the vulnerabilities in GPS technology.

Digital Time-Keeping

Yongqiang Wang, the project’s lead researcher, said that the project also aims to prevent cyberattacks to digital infrastructure. For instance, a hacked GPS network may allow criminals to access old login information on your financial records.

It can also cut the supply of electricity in hospitals, immobilize train stations and even shut down ATMs. Wang said that the project particularly focused on the private sector, including the electric grid.

While certain vulnerabilities exist, satellite developers normally use a jamming simulator to test the viability of disrupting signals before launching it into space. In California, some lawmakers already understand the need to enhance digital networks.

National Security

California Rep. John Garamendi described interference to GPS networks as a “major national security and economic issue.” He cited a spoofing incident in 2017 when a hacked navigation system led 20 ships in the Black Sea to arrive at the wrong location.

Another case involved airplanes that were unable to land at the Newark International Airport in New Jersey. This occurred as a truck driver, who used a GPS jammer to hide the vehicle’s location from the company boss, passed by the airport.

The advent of GPS helped many industries to develop their services. However, the progress of digital technology also paved the way for more complex cyberattacks.

For this reason, the public and private sector should be proactive in dealing with potential threats, since the consequences of GPS hacking may lead to loss of lives and property.

Technology: Redesigning Healthcare

a group of happy doctors at hospitalDigital technology. Gadgets. The world wide web. This is the world we live in today, and it’s just warming up. The way technology has changed the world is phenomenal. There are messaging apps, online shopping, and network gaming, which all make connections easier whichever part of the world you’re in.

Healthcare is one industry that’s greatly reaping the benefits of technology. An example of this is telemedicine providers or using 3D printing. As technology continues to develop, so do the industries that rely on it. Here’s a look at some ways technology has improved the world of healthcare.

1. Social Media

Many platforms have now developed into virtual places where industries can connect with their customers easier and faster. They can also launch campaigns or provide awareness on various health issues through posts.

2. The Internet as a Medical Encyclopedia

Because of the endless information available online, patients or their families can now do their own research about diseases and illnesses they might encounter in their lives.

Doctors are more knowledgeable when it comes to different types of practices, making it easier to communicate within the industry.

3. Better Medical Equipment

3D printing and laser treatments are just two examples of equipment upgrades health care now has. This equipment makes diagnosis and treatments less intrusive and less painful. Because results are received faster, treatment can also be done sooner.

4. Electronic Databases

Instead of stacking physical folders filled with patient history and information, providers can now directly input this information on a hand-held device that automatically stores it in an electronic database.

This is only the beginning of how technology will be shaping the world. It is fast-paced and eager to make changes that will make work easier, more efficient, and more effective for consumers, suppliers, providers, and everyone else in between.

Different Applications of Plasma Cutters

plasma cutting technology
Plasma cutters are among the recent developments in the field of metal drilling and cutting. These cutters are widely used for cutting metals that are electronically conductive. There are several businesses that use these tools.

The use of plasma cutter requires a specific skill set, as it is a precision tool. It uses high-voltage electrical arc and compressed gas to work effectively. Plasma cutters are ideal for a range of applications, including the ones discussed below.

Art Sector

Plasma cutters are great when you need to make intricate designs and patterns on metals. They can create very clean and neat patterns, making them very popular among artists and designers. These cutters likewise help create and design metal templates, which can be used for many other purposes. They can cut precisely without damaging the surface, an added benefit for the designers.


A plasma cutter is very useful when you want to cut large metal blocks in construction sites. Workers and contractors can cut materials on site, instead of transporting them to and from factories. You can easily make adjustments to the metal blocks with the help of this tool. It can likewise cut pipes easily and create smooth edges. Jaymac CNC Plasma reminds businesses about the use of a PlasmaCAM table when cutting metal objects.


Demolition of buildings involves cutting large metal sheets and blocks, which is made easier with the help of plasma cutters. Cutting metal blocks manually requires a lot of effort and time. Plasma cutters are very powerful, as they use inert gasses and electrical current to cut the metal precisely. These tools can also be attached to computer-controlled equipment. This makes them both economical and highly effective.

Today, you can find a range of cutters with many advanced features that make them ideal for domestic and industrial applications. Talk to a professional to see if a plasma cutter is right for you.

The Virtual Bridge That Connects the Whole World


connectionCommunication is inarguably one of the most important aspects in life. With this factor, people can exchange ideas and messages that allow them to do a lot of things. The absence of good communication would most probably prevent people from functioning efficiently.

Before, the only way for individuals to communicate with each other in long distance is through snail mail or telegram. These forms of contact, however, are slow-paced and at higher risk of not getting through. But, with the development of satellite technology, people from the opposite side of the world can now talk easily and conveniently in real time.

Its emergence spelled better means of communication for people. It connects everyone around the world through international broadcasts, Internet access and wireless communication. The agents from Singtel Satellite say that this communication platform “bridges global connectivity gaps, without the need to deploy expensive infrastructure.”


But, more than merely giving people a more convenient communication means, satellite technology also provides other key advantages. One of them is cost-effectiveness. The cost of satellite connection does not depend on the distance between the points of communication as well as the number of users.

Information Security

With the addition of encryption technology, satellites can provide a more protected connection for users, especially for businesses. A private network is essential in keeping confidential information within the organisation. Heightened security network also benefits the government and military.


Satellite communication offers fast deployment because it is immune to the challenges of harsh weather, terrestrial obstacles and remote location. The key to a faster deployment of messages, however, is reliability. This becomes more essential today as the communications traffic continue to increase.

The rise of satellite technology signalled the start of a new era – an era of better communication and understanding among humanity. This technology made people more efficient, more than anything else.

Is it a Fruit, a Drink? No, It’s a Computer!: What You Should Know About Raspberry Pi


ComputerThe Raspberry Pi is a small yet very affordable computer the size of a credit card. It plugs into a monitor or a television and utilises standard mouse and keyboard devices. Geek Studio shares more information about this tiny computer below:

The Basic Features of the Raspberry Pi

The main objective for developing the Raspberry Pi is to offer everyone, kids and adults alike, the chance to easily explore the world of computing and learn programming languages such as Python and Scratch. It can perform virtually anything you can with a desktop PC—Internet browsing, word processing, creating spreadsheets, and playing videos, music and games.

In addition, it is highly capable of interacting with the whole world and has been utilised in a broad range of projects, including parent detectors, music machines, weather stations and even birdhouses equipped with infrared cameras that actually tweet! It is developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an educational charity in the United Kingdom, and is available worldwide at a very affordable price.

The Current Raspberry Pi Models

The current lineup of Raspberry Pis includes the Pi 2 Model B and Pi 1 Model A+ and B+. Model A+ is the most affordable Raspberry Pi model while Model B+ is the final revised version of the first Raspberry Pi. The 2nd generation of Raspberry Pis, including the Pi Model B 2 was released last February 2015.

The Raspberry Pi 2 still retains majority of the specs in the original Pi models, but makes use of 1 gigabyte of RAM and a 900MHz quad core ARM Cortex-A7 central processing unit. It is fully compatible with 1st gen Pi models.

What’s Included in the Raspberry Pi Package?

When you buy Raspberry Pi online or in brick and mortar stores, you only get the board itself. You should purchase an SD card and a power supply separately, as well as other accessories you may need for your future Raspberry Pi projects. You can also choose to buy SD cards that have already been preloaded by licensed distributors.