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Care For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Being Cleaned

Swimming Pool Being CleanedGoing out for a swim during the hot summer months can be quite refreshing. Individuals in Salt Lake City have gone an extra mile to build their private swimming pools to enjoy the pleasure of such an excellent experience. As a result, the need for maintenance of these pools has arisen due to the high number of constructions done. Swimming pool services, whether it is Salt Lake City or New York, tend to contain some elements that you require to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Servicing Duties

These functions exactly involve what the pool service do. The majority of swimming pool companies provide the services on a weekly time frame. The following are the provided services.

  • The pool water undergoes treatment with balanced chemicals. If not properly balanced, it will stimulate the growth of algae, bacteria, and mold. These cause your pool floors to become slippery. Also, the growth turns the color of your pool to green.
  • The pool attendant monitors PH of the water, its alkalinity and chlorine levels. This ensures that your pool is free from chlorine levels sinking below the surface. The sun’s heating rays contribute to chlorine levels diminishing.
  • Keeping your pool in tip-top shape involve scrubbing its walls and steps. Also, included in the list is skimming off dirt such as debris and insects from the water surface.
  • Swimming pool equipment — filter systems, skimmers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, lights, and control systems — undergo maintenance checks and fixes, if necessary.
  • The pool service can open or close your pool if you do not keep your pool available year round. Opening a pool involves removing the cover, chlorine treatment, reinstalling the pump, filter, ladders, and diving board. Whereas, closing the pool means draining the water, cleaning the water pump, taking off the ladder, diving board and covering the pool.

Services Costs

The price of pool maintenance services differs because of various elements. The following are the factors that determine the price.

  • The size of your pool impacts the amount of water treated with chemicals and how long man power will work on it. This calls for more charging if your pool is large.
  • How often you use your pool and dirt found in it matter.
  • Your location is an influence to the cost because of fuel consumption to your destination.

It should no longer be troubling to find a swimming pool professional. Hiring swimming pool services comes in handy as they will see to it that you maintain your relaxing getaway for yourself and your family.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Your Pool Warm?

Pool heatingHaving a swimming pool installed in your backyard means more fun with family and friends. But when the winter season kicks in, swimming pools can end up under utilised. Despite the benefits of going on a frosty dip, not everyone enjoys submerging themselves in freezing cold water. It might be time to tap into solar heating solutions to keep your pool warm all year round.

Solar blankets

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to keep your pool warm, a solar blanket will work well for you, as it can help absorb the sunlight and prevent heat from escaping the pool. Made out of a sturdy plastic material, solar blankets can be easily hauled off whenever you plan to use the pool. However, constant exposure to sunlight and weather conditions might lead you to replace your solar blanket every few years. A solar blanket will extend your swimming season increasing enjoyment for your family, this alone makes it a worthwhile investment.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a great option to extend your swimming season. With minimal maintenance requirements and a long life span, solar pool heating is perfect for the environmentally conscious utilising energy from the sun to heat your swimming pool. Solar collectors or absorbers are installed on the roof where the suns rays heat the water inside them which is then returned to the swimming pool via the solar pump. This process is repeated until the required water temperature is reached in your swimming pool.

Poolsolarwa.com frequently reminds pool owners that energy efficiency, solar heating technology and operation costs are important factors to consider when buying a high quality solar pool heating system. Depending on your budget, there are options available on how to keep pools warm all year round. This can include installing a combination system, a gas heater or electric heat pump together with the solar pool heating system to maximise energy efficiency and utility costs.

Pool heating is all about getting the most value for money and making sure you utilise your swimming pool as much as possible all year round. After all, a little cold weather shouldn’t spoil the fun.

Holistic Maintenance of a Perfect Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in Tauranga To keep the water pristine perfect is a goal for every swimming pool owner. It not only makes the area immaculately clean but also inviting. How that can be achieved depends on how well it is maintained.

Basic, Routinely Techniques
  • Empty the water surface of debris. Collect dried leaves, pollen, flowers and other foreign objects floating on the water with a skimmer basket. Skimming takes only a few minutes and a few more to dispose of these wastes.

Tip: Use plant varieties that are less messy or go with hardscaping if trimming back the trees and shrubs around the pool area sounds like a chore.

  • Backwash the Filter. Backwashing redirects water flow to remove filtered contaminants. Filters like the cartridge and diatomaceous earth (DE) are recommended over a sand filtre for the ability to clean better and save water and for being eco-friendly. With a sand filtre, wastes are disposed of directly to the ground or a storm drain while with the other two filtres wastes are collected using a filtre bag and a hose (where a waste bag or pail can be inserted at the opposite end), respectively.
  • Vacuum the Pool. Vacuuming rid the floor and the walls of the mould, algae and other contaminants that can make it filthy and slippery. It is done like mowing a lawn for about 30 minutes (for the average pool).

Adjust the water chemicals weekly. Start with the pH level: add muriatic acid if it is above 7.6 or a baking soda if it is below 7.4. Then test and correct the chlorine level. If alkalinity is 90 ppm or chlorine is less than 1 ppm, a dissolved mixture chlorine and sodium carbonate (soda ash) must be added to the water.

Tricks that Work
  • Use lithium-based chlorine as it dissolves faster and leaves no residue.
  • Increase alkaline with baking soda. It is effective and cheaper than other products in NZ labelled as “alkaline increaser”.
  • Throw a tennis ball into the water to suck up oil and sunblock chemicals.
  • Track water usage/loss with a bucket. To measure water loss, put a weighted bucket on the stair and mark the water level on the side of the bucket. There might be a leakage if a big amount of water is used.

Pool maintenance can be grouped into several procedures, says Acacia Pools. There are the basic, pro’s tricks, there is also the need to understand pool chemistry and there are the surprising pool cleaning methods that work. Note too that repairs and routine replacement are as important.