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Strategies to Boost and Diversify Your Link Profile

SEO Elements Written in PaperLinks are still a viable parameter when it comes to determining the rank of a website on a results page. You will need a diverse profile to stay ahead of the competition; one bad link or two may knock you down a few spots.

An SEO company here in Sydney cites the following strategies that keep your profile diverse.

Content Building

As the years have gone by and with it Google’s continuous evolution, content still plays a vital role in the success of any link building campaign. Websites and users still want to consume and share valuable content, whatever form it takes.

Videos, blog posts that combine the latter and text, information-rich infographics and other types keep a visitor engaged and willing to recommend what you post.

You’ll have to invest in design, layout, production and guest posting to diversify your links. The higher quality of your posts, the more interest and clicks it will generate. Post at least once a week to keep visitors engaged.

Hybrid Anchors and Keywords

Gone are the days when website owners can stuff a page with some highlighted or bold keywords. Do that now, and you’ll quickly see your ranking drop. You can still insert exact match or long tail phrases for search engines to index your pages but do so sparingly and strategically.

Mix the keywords or keep them a word or two apart from each other.

Resource Pages

If you want referral traffic and a diverse link profile, use resource pages or directories. However, don’t just simply put your links in one. Research and determine the level of engagement and traffic it gets. Identify its niche to find out if it is relevant to the content you publish and the brand you are building.

These are some of the strategies to consider implementing to diversify your link profile. If the latter is diverse, you’ll rank higher, reach a wider audience and convert at a better rate.

The Longer You Delay Investing in SEO Services, the Greater Your Losses

Man looking at a wall of SEO conceptIn Connecticut CT, search engine optimization (SEO) is something you most likely have heard countless times already. You probably even have some knowledge about it. You might even have heard people telling you that your business needs it. But for some reason, you keep putting it off.

However, you should know that you’re not just missing out on a lot of benefits — your business is actually losing a lot too. The longer you delay employing SEO, you lose more opportunities.

Long-Term Results

SEO, when done right, will bring you results. However, like with most long-term goals, you cannot expect great things from your campaign overnight. You need to be patient. This will surely pay off not only in the long run, but throughout the entire time you have it going as well.

A Jump in Overhead Costs

You want your chosen SEO firm in to deliver a well-crafted campaign. As such, you really have to include their expertise in your budget. SEO is a specialty, which means that people who carry them out underwent extensive training and education. So, it only makes sense that they will charge a price corresponding to their expertise and skills.

The costs of SEO today shouldn’t scare you, though. You should regard it with respect and feel glad that you can have such business-essential services delivered to you at such a price. Also, you should jump at the opportunity as soon as possible, seeing that these rates will go up in the future.

Rising Above the Competition

This is one of the primary reasons you should get your SEO campaign started right away. While not all your competitors may have their own SEO campaign already running, there surely are several of them out there. The longer it takes you to get your own campaign started, the more customers they’ll snatch from you.


All the Reasons You Need an SEO Campaign Right Now

An illustration of SEO on a laptopWhen effectively and properly executed, SEO will have an astounding impact on marketing results. From significantly increased brand awareness to improved brand recall, all these benefits ultimately lead to improved revenues. As such, it has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies today.

You may still be in the process of deciding whether to work with a highly reputable and experienced Denver SEO company or not, most likely because you feel intimidated of the costs. However, you shouldn’t let these get in your way of reaping the many benefits it’ll bring. Instead, you should look at the huge impact that not having an SEO campaign has on your brand. And here are all the reasons you should have one as soon as possible.

The results need time to take effect

Optimizing your online assets for search engine definitely brings great results, but you can’t expect to see them overnight. You need to give it some time to take effect, but once you start seeing the results, you’ll continue seeing them, with constant monitoring and updating.

This means that the longer you put off implementing your SEO campaign, the longer you’d have to wait to see results. And the longer you delay, the more potential customers you lose.

Your SEO-using competitors are already taking your market share

Because SEO has become so popular, you can’t discount the possibility your competitors already have their own campaigns. In other words, they are already benefiting from this online marketing method. This means they’re most likely enjoying the patronage of consumers who could have been your customers.

Keep postponing having your own SEO campaign developed and implemented, and you’ll just suffer from even more loss. Seeing as you don’t want your competitors to take over your market share, then you should no longer think twice about working with SEO experts.

How Marketing in the Hospitality Industry Boosts Business

ReceptionistsRecently, more people have continued to discover the great benefits of the hospitality marketing industry. According to recent studies, the hospitality industry and marketing is rising among job seekers and opportunities all over the world.

Additionally, the market for the hospitality industry is increasing every year and use various forms of media to get the information they need. For those in the industry, hospitality marketing is essential not only to attract talent but also to expand its reach in the market.

Attract job opportunities

The hospitality industry offers a vast range of employment opportunities to skilled, inexperienced, and experienced. If you promote a hotel, or even a service company using social media, it enables you to reach possible clientele and applicants to your business.  Knowing how to use social media and the Internet to attract talent is essential to keep any company ahead in the industry.

Market new services and promos

Making clients happy and relaxed is everyone’s goal in the service industry. Using the right strategy, you can use both traditional marketing methods as well as digital technology to promote your services and provide clients with unique rewards and promotions. You can also provide additional services through the Internet, such as bookings, reservations, room service, and transportation.

Provide vital information

You can also provide your clients with the information they need for their holiday or business trip. You can use your website to give them information about activities or attractions they might want to do during their stay. Aside from this, you can partner up with other businesses to help your clients plan their vacation.

Marketing in the hospitality industry is not only for promoting your business. You can use SEO techniques to advance your hiring and find the right talent that would suit your company. You can also use it to expand your services or partner up with local businesses to give your clients the best experience on their holiday.

SEO NewsBites: 3 Google Updates You Should Expect in 2017

google search engine
SEO trends are constantly changing — and this is because of Google updates. Google releases algorithm updates almost every week on their Webmaster blog, keeping the digital marketers on their toes.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Google, after all, is user-oriented, and it will do everything to fulfil the search goals of its users. With that, digital marketers just have to find ways to anticipate those updates.

If you’re an SEO specialist or a business owner with SEO campaigns, here are some of the Google updates you should expect this year:

Expanded Use of Rich Cards

In 2016, Google introduced rich cards that appear on the SERPs to show users information snippets of their searches. At first, rich cards were only applicable to the film and recipe industry, as Bambrick Media noticed. But in November, Google announced that its team is actively experimenting with rich cards, aiming to provide website owners more opportunities to display previews of their content.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project

Have you noticed the label “AMP” and the lightning bolt that have been popping up on SERPs? That symbol and label refer to the Google program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With this project, any website can gain a faster site speed on mobile, as well as more exposure in SERPs. Google did not leave the site owners or SEO experts in the dark with this one, as it already provided an overview of deploying the AMP.

No More Pop-up Ads

Recently, Google posted a blog post saying that its team is now working on an update to eliminate pesky pop-up advertisements. With this update, it is expected that websites employing annoying pop-up ads will be fined. Google believes that these ads decrease the user experience of the searchers, hence, the penalties.

Now that you already know some of the Google updates that will happen in 2017, it’s time to adjust your SEO strategies. After all, staying on top of the game starts with being able to anticipate these kinds of changes in the industry.

Improve Your Link Building Efforts

Improving Your Online Presence in Sydney

Improving Your Online Presence in SydneyLink building has been a fundamental part of building an online presence for years. This is because high-quality links will make your website more credible to the eyes of casual visitors, competitors, industry experts and search engines. Over the years, link building strategies have seen drastic changes to accommodate the needs of people. Here are some developments you should know to help you fine-tune your link building approach this year.

Link Earning

Many online marketers took advantage of link building by relying on easy ways to earn them, such as link spamming and link exchange. Some SEO experts dropped link building altogether, but this only means you have to work on quality links for your efforts to matter. Link building is far from obsolete; Mashmedia.com.au says you just have to find authentic and appropriate ways to earn your links. The best technique is to come up with well-written, informative and relevant content for your audience.

Penguin Update

Google’s first Penguin update was three years ago, but it still affects the link building tone of today. With this update, Google started detecting the link’s value, origin and relevance, and dismissed any unethical or unnatural link building methods. You should hire an SEO agency in Sydney that knows how to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms, to successfully build natural links for your website.

Selective Publishers

Guest posting has proven to be an effective way to build links. This is true in any form of content submission on the Internet. However, publishers nowadays are understandably more careful when it comes to accepting content, as some people attempt to sneak unnatural links in the content they submit. You should work hard to be a legitimate contributor or guest poster to earn links that are actually organic and worth something.

Keep these developments in mind to further improve your link building efforts this year. You’ll never know what big companies will suddenly notice you and link back to your site because of your increasing credibility within the industry.

How a High Bounce Rate Affects Your Site’s Rankings

SEO Expert

SEO Expert in BrisbaneOne of the most confusing problems that a website owner can face is a high bounce rate. You may be getting a fair amount of traffic, yet people seem to leave almost immediately upon arriving at your home page. This is undoubtedly frustrating, and it has serious consequences.

Google’s philosophy is to give the user exactly what they are looking for. If a large number of people hit the back button too quickly on your website, then the search engine interprets this as a sign that it didn’t meet their needs. As a result, your rankings suffer for that keyword.

SEO experts in Brisbane agree that fixing a high bounce rate should definitely be a priority. But what exactly do you need to change?

1. Web Design – One of the biggest reasons for people to leave is if the website is poorly designed. Clunky navigation, terrible UI, dated graphics, annoyingly generic stock photos – these are just some of the things that give your users a bad first impression.

2. No CTA – Even if they are somewhat interested in what you have to offer, they might not know where they need to go next. Do your web pages have strong calls-to-action, directing your customers down the sales funnel? If not, that’s a missed opportunity.

3. Poor content – You can have the most attractive, relevant website in the world, but nobody is going to take it seriously if its content is poorly written. Aside from obvious things like grammatical errors and misspellings, ‘thin’ content that doesn’t immediately answer the customer’s questions can also detract from your website.

These are the most common problems with high bounce rate websites. However, there is one other possibility: you may be attracting the wrong kind of traffic. If you are ranking for keywords that are only tangentially related to your core value proposition, then you will likely get a lot of users that are just not interested.

Keywords are often subject to multiple interpretations, so there can be some market overlap. This is primarily a targeting problem, and one that isn’t easy to fix. You need to make sure that the time and resources you spend on your SEO campaign don’t go to waste.