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Improving Home Security by Installing Burglar Proof Doors

Destoryed door partsThe security of your loved ones and your property is a major concern. Indeed, everyone feels comfortable when they have the best security available.

Have you tried several security measures but still feel uneasy? Eliminate the unnecessary worries by installing steel security doors in your Melbourne home.

The Experts Know Better

Door installation experts can prove to you how entry doors make your home vulnerable. They will say that solid entry doors are burglar proof. They can likewise advise you on the best doors that can keep your home secure. This is why you cannot depend solely on your knowledge. Make the experts your closest consultants.

Security versus Aesthetics

You are wondering what should happen to those attractive glass sliding doors at the main entrance. Well, you can have the experts fit some metal bars on the doors to prevent breakage.


The hinges, bolts, locks and door sliding balls may wear away in time. The best thing about professional security door installers is that they can carry out the maintenance process. Faulty locks are easy to break, thereby giving an intruder easy access to the house. It is, therefore, important to check these minor yet very important security details all the time and inform your service provider of any problem immediately.

Basic Fittings

Some fittings can be fitted with the doors to boost security. These include strong locks, durable door fittings, door cylinders fitted with security card, door bars, door closers, door plates and chains.

Security is of great importance to everyone who owns a home and has valuables and loved ones to care for. Burglars pose a serious threat to the safety of your property and your family. Installing steel security doors is a good way to improve safety on your property.

3 Mistakes in SQL Server Security

A lock over a keyboard and networking cable, concept of secured data or serverWhen it comes to database administration, the first order of business is to keep each server secure. Every experienced DBA would agree that no server should operate without adequate security measures. It is for this reason that the language used in most databases is SQL, as it is designed to store data securely. SQL is downright impressive given the security features it has.

The problem is that some DBAs rely solely on these security features, and this shouldn’t be the case. Bad security practices are enough to compromise a server, regardless if the language it uses is secure. For this reason, aspiring DBAs have to be aware of some commonly overlooked mistakes in SQL server security. Here are three of them:

Unencrypted Backups

Any organisation that uses a computer needs a backup of all the data they have. It shouldn’t stop there, though. The backup itself should be secure with encryption. Surprisingly, this is one mistake many DBAs are guilty of. Simply because there’s a backup doesn’t mean everything is fine. You have to think about the potential scenario of the backup being compromised. It’s unlikely to happen, but being prepared for the worst is better than being caught off-guard.

Unwanted Access

Sometimes, DBAs forget to remove users that should no longer have access to certain SQL functions. This could lead to problematic system changes and other behaviour that may compromise information. Make sure that backup folders are accessible only to those who truly need it. If you need further SQL support, DBA Services recommend hiring experts and not just somebody who offers SQL services for a too-good-to-be-true price.

Unnecessary Privileges

As much as possible, you should only run SQL servers in local accounts that have minimal privileges. This ensures that there are no unwanted changes made in the system. As long as the service has full permissions to read and write activities for data, log, and backup directories, most functions should be fine.

Even the slightest opening can crack open the strongest of armour. Treat the server as an armour that safeguards your data and make sure that there are no cracks in it for any potential compromise.

Keeping Your Business Safe from Burglary

business security systemKeeping your business safe from burglary is more than locking the front door or putting the vault away. Ensuring the safety of your assets and employees is crucial in maintaining a business. Criminals and their methods advance through time, which is why it is important to be in the front line. Below are a few security tips for your business.

Utilise Video Surveillance

Technology has helped businesses remain secure through the aid of video surveillance systems. Keep your business safe by installing security cameras on your premises. Equipment like this discourages burglars from setting foot on your property and is also helpful when monitoring indoor activity such as employee performance, cash registry, inventory, and other important aspects of your business.

Hire a Security Agency

If your business deals with expensive products and important documents—banks, jewellery stores, and such—it is only ideal to hire a security agency that can guard your store 24/7. This may add up to the monthly expenses of your company but it will not only secure your business but your employees as well. When doing so, make sure that the agency has the right certification and security training from RAM Training Services in Brisbane.

Invest in Access Control

To prevent unauthorised access and false identification, consider installing an access control system for your employees. By utilising one in your office, you can track employees at various points, allowing specific access to certain people and the creation of workspace security zones. With this, burglars will hesitate to intrude your business.

Know Your Team

If your company works with other organisations and experience heavy foot traffic every day, thieves are most likely to take advantage of this opportunity. Prevent burglar intrusion by knowing your team and the organisations that surround your business. Being familiar with everyone around, which goes for your employees as well, decreases the risk of burglary.

Keeping your business and your employees safe from burglars is important in maintaining company productivity and employee welfare. Secure your investments by considering the tips mentioned above.

Thief Proof Home: Appearance and Entry Points Reinforced


thiefFences can only do so much to keep intruders away from your home. Most thieves plan their way in by surveying your house weeks before an attack. Others can simply attack anytime when your house appears empty.

It can be difficult to rely on security forces, as several things may happen during an intrusion. A great way to prevent this from happening is to deter the intruder. Here are some ways to achieve this:

Reinforce All Entry Points

Burglars are not just after windows or locked doors. Check all possible entry points, such as wall mounted air-conditioning units. Burglars may disassemble the unit from the outside, leaving a gap big enough for them to break in.

Doors with glass panels are the easiest, as burglars can simply break them to get inside your home. Pet doors should be small enough for dogs or cats to get through, but not people. Make sure these have locks, as well.

Switching to electric garage doors also reinforces your security, as a common target for break-ins are cars. Keep this entry point secure with regular garage door repair. Salt Lake City authorities emphasize the importance of garage door maintenance to deter intruders.

Appearance Matters

You should also look into the appearance of your home. Does it invite onlookers? You will always be a target if your home looks like it has valuable items. Of course, you would want a beautiful home, and thieves should not stop you from building it.

Going for simple and plain may deter intruders. If you cannot help having a fancy looking home, focus on improving security. Adding more lights at night helps keep thieves away as they avoid detection. You do not need a guard dog for protection. Sometimes, continuous yapping from small dogs drives thieves away.

Keeping your house safe from intruders does not have to be expensive. All you need are simple changes to keep these burglars away.