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Ensure a Good Road Trip Experience With These Suggestions

friends on a road tripAfter a long week at the office, you might need a splendid way to kick back, relax and recharge over the weekend. Embarking on a road trip with a couple of your friends is a great way to spend the weekend. With the help a reputable car hire firm in Auckland, you can take on any place that strikes your fancy.

Just be sure to take a few proactive measures for the best road trip experience.

Get a car that suits your needs

If embarking on a road trip, the last thing you need is a car that does not live up to your needs. If planning to hit some off-road trails, by no means should you get a town car. Doing so only dooms your trip from the onset. While larger SUVs and off-roads vehicle carry a pricier tag, they are worth every penny.

Using the wrong type of car not only ruins your trip but also saddles you with a hefty repair bill. For instance, suffering a breakdown in some deserted road would mean incurring extra charges on a tow truck. In the absence of insurance, you would have to pay for the damages out-of-pocket.

Have more than one driver

Time is of the essence when embarking on a road trip, especially when using a rental car. Having a co-driver ensures that you cover all stops without overexerting yourself of wasting time. Taking turns behind the wheel keeps you fresh and vigilant, which lets you enjoy every moment of your trip.

Other than keeping your party safe on the road, it also lets you keep the car in good shape. Besides, the shared experience will make great memories, and you can relive the adventure as over a drink or Sunday barbecue many years later.

Adequate preparation is key when embarking on a long road trip. Having the right car for the journey and another driver makes for a great experience.

From Auckland to Cape Reinga: Exploring the North Island of New Zealand

Skyline of Auckland A road trip across New Zealand is a grand quest that would take you along rocky coastlines, winding mountains, and rolling hills. Fortunately for you, some of the country’s finest landscapes could be found north of Auckland.

Moreover, you don’t need to commute if you dread the hassle of changing modes of transportation. Metropolitan Rentals noted that there are many rentals out there. Get in your van hire and go to Ninety Mile Beach up to Cape Reinga, which is at the top of all of New Zealand.

Where First?

Drive to north of Auckland and go to Paihia, a seaside town known to be the jump off point to The Bay of Islands. About 144 islands make up the Bay of Islands — think Whitsundays, crystal clear cerulean waters, coastal roads, and greener than green countryside.

Paihia is an exceptional place to discover the Waitangi Treaty Grounds (the birthplace of the country’s founding document), swim with the dolphins, sail around, and explore the Hole in the Rock. You could likewise ride a ferry to the island town of Russell for some beach bumming.

Where Next?

After exploring Paihia, you could then go to Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach. Cape Reinga, the topmost place of New Zealand, is a remarkable spot for sand boarding, visiting the famous lighthouse, and looking out into the vast Pacific Ocean. Cape Reinga is sacred to the Maori people. Once they die, they believe that their spirits go down the Pohutukawa tree to get to the ocean, ascend on the horizon at Three Kings Islands, and say goodbye to Aotearoa before going back to their sacred ancestral lands.

Where to End?

You could end your trip at Spirits Bay (also called Tapotupotu Bay) where there’s a campsite by the Department of Conservation, which is located right on an immaculate sandy cove’s edge. In addition, you could go inland and trek the Kauri Forests and its many waterfalls. Lots of natural rock jump-off points and pools also just a short distance away from Paihia.

A road trip north of Auckland is undoubtedly the best way to experience New Zealand. The country encourages camping, so it’s free pretty much anywhere (except in places with no camping or parking signs, of course.). So plan your trip and get ready for the road of a lifetime.

Guide to Making a Road Trip Enjoyable

Making a Road Trip EnjoyableA road trip is always fun and is a good way to bond with family and friends. But did you know that packing the right stuff and having the right things in your vehicle would make it even better? Well, that will happen if you have the following with you…

A Comfortable Mattress

A good caravan mattress — one that’s plush, comfortable and truly made for a motor vehicle, is something that can make the ride worthwhile. Since it’s a mattress made for the road, you can expect it to handle the pressure of moving around — without budging and causing you body pain.

A Phone Stand from a Binder Clip

Although looking at the phone while behind the wheel is not advisable, there are instances that you'll need it. If you’re going to use your phone for GPS purposes, it’s best if you can make use of a binder clip as a stand or holder for your phone. This way, you won’t have a hard time trying to look at the phone while driving. 


It would be useless to make countless stopovers just to order food. Road trips are more fun when you make or prepare your own food at home. Think about it as being on the road and having something to eat, the way you experienced when you were young. Try baby carrots, peanut butter sandwiches, baked goods, burgers, chips, and beverages, too.

Shower Caddies

These make it easier for you to share your food with everyone. Apart from food, it’s also a good holder for phones, gadgets, and other small things you may have brought with you.

Screenshots of Directions

Take screenshots of directions before going on the road. This way, you wouldn’t have a hard time trying to look for proper internet connection while you’re on the go.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’d get to travel in comfort and style—and have lots of fun, too. The most important thing is to enjoy every moment on the road. 

3 Types of Supplies You Need Before Going on a Road Trip

Road TripGoing on a road trip using your RV or trailer is a great idea especially if you’re going with your entire family or with your group of friends. When you do, make sure you’re fully prepared to face any possible emergencies and to make the whole trip convenient for everyone. That means checking the vehicle’s condition and making sure you have all the supplies you may need. Here are some stuff you must have before starting the road trip.

Electrical Parts and Supplies

A1 Trailer Parts emphasise that trailer electrical parts are important just in case you encounter any problem with the vehicle. Without them, you can get stuck in the middle of the road for hours. That’s why it’s important to check if you have spare electrical parts before going on a road trip. A compact generator may come in handy in case of emergencies. Other electrical supplies you may need include extension cords, car chargers, portable power adapters, and space heater.

Tents and Sleeping Bags

One of the best things about going on a road trip is being surprised with places you accidentally pass by. If you suddenly want to go camping, head somewhere that’s not on your itinerary, or when the drive goes longer than expected, tents and sleeping bags will come in handy. You must also have pillows and sheets for the trailer so all of you can sleep comfortable even when on the road.

Maintenance Needs

You can never be too prepared to face an emergency. That’s why you also need to have all the maintenance tools your trailer may need. This includes a hydraulic jack, bubble levels, tire pressure gauge, and extra tires in case you get a flat. You must never leave home and go on the road without a complete set of tools for your vehicle.

These are just some of the most important things you need to make the road trip go as smoothly as planned. This way, you can just enjoy and bond with each other without thinking about any hassle.