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Draw the Line: Why Sight Lines Matter in Interior Design

interior designInterior design is not just about using elements that make space looks good. In fact, when you study principles in design, you’ll know that it’s not just about aesthetics.

There’s a lot of science into it. The golden ratio, rhythm and repetition and symmetry take the centre stage to achieve a good design.

One other science-inspired principle that’s often not talked about, but equally important is sight lines.

Principle of Sight Lines

Sight lines are what they sound like. They are the line created between you, the observer, and an element in the design that is visible. Simply put, it’s how a person sees the space. For interior designers, it’s playing with the science of perspective.

Generally, an unobscured sight line is aesthetically appealing because there’s a sense of openness and flow which makes the space more relaxing.

Think about it: when you enter a house and have your eyes scoured the entire space, it makes you more at ease when you get to see the entire living room and the scenery outside the windows.

A clear sight line guides the eyes to the focal point in your room; it could be the chandelier in the living room or the sliding wooden internal doors to your bedroom from a long hallway.

If the focal point in your room is interesting enough, then it leaves a good impression on visitors. A clear sight line also improves the organic flow of elements from one room to the next.

Strategic Lines

Having sight lines challenges you to be strategic in choosing which parts of your home must have unrestricted views and which areas have to be closed off, either for privacy or for a little mystery.

The key to maintaining that visual appeal even with the chopped sight line is to use natural materials. Such design elements keep that relaxing view of the space. For instance, it is ideal if you want to restrict sight lines towards bedrooms and bathrooms.

To keep the aesthetic appeal in your space, you may use solid timber doors. Sight lines are an important element in interior design. It would be helpful to keep your eyes open for sight lines that you can apply to your home.

Give Your Home Some European Elegance

Close-up of an old stone fountain with dripping water and blurred backgroundOld world European homes have conquered elegance with their rich colors, beautiful layouts, and amazing furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel back in time to capture that look for your home.

Invest on a Water Feature

Garden fountains or ponds are extremely popular during the Victorian era when people used their gardens for long walks and relaxing afternoons. According to Authentic Provence, there’s no need to install a big fountain or pond – just something small enough to facilitate a water feature that offers the sound of running water for that amazing atmosphere.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

European colors are mainly deep and cozy. English country houses often display yellow, white, green, and blue hues in soft tones. Others opt for deep red, dark brown, blue, orange, and olive green for a more traditional look. If you want a Spanish look, however, warmer colors are ideal. These include deep peach, yellow, stone, stucco, burnt orange, deep peach, and taupe.

Opt for Rustic Style Lighting

Fortunately, it’s easy to find hanging lights that have an old-school elegance. Chandeliers are the best choice for living rooms and bedrooms as they add rustic aesthetic appeal to every space. Opt for something sleek and elegant, preferably made from glass that helps illuminate a room completely.

Large and Rustic for the Furniture

Furniture choices follow the same rustic feel as lighting. Opt for wrought iron or wood as these are the most common materials used in European designs. Choose sets with exquisite detailing and unique accents.European style home design needs a bit of research. As you contemplate the different periods in history and the changing design trends, It’s usually best to choose your favorite period in Europe’s history and start from there.

3 Home Renovation Projects to Improve Your Home’s Appearance and Value

Gorgeous layout of a home's living space

Renovations can have a significant impact on your home’s overall appeal and value. But the most challenging part is choosing what changes you should make, as these can greatly affect everything in your home.

To make the best decision out of all the options you have, here are some suggestions for you:

Focus on Curb Appeal

The moment guests enter your premises, the first thing they would notice is what is outside. No matter how big or small your yard is, it has a significant effect on the appeal and value of your property. When you say curb appeal, this is not only limited to the garden area. Instead, it refers to everything you see outside.

According to a garden designer in Essex, people often misunderstand the term because they only think of plants, landscape and garden. It actually refers to the entire exterior aspect of your place. Even Oakleigh Manor agrees with this.

Repurpose Unused Space

Whether it is the attic or the basement, you will find a new function for these areas. As long as you stick with your lifestyle and interests, you will never have to worry about finding the right use for every space you have.

If you love books and arts, you might as well turn an unused space into a reading nook or a mini gallery. If you often host overnight get-together, you could create an extension of your guest room. When you have ideas, you can breathe a new life into that extra space.

Remodel Your Kitchen and Bath

Even real estate agents would agree that kitchen and bathroom renovations add great value and enhance the appeal of your home. A simple update on the paint job or replacements on the sink and countertop can create a stunning addition to your home. These are the areas where family members spend most of their time.

When it comes to home upgrades, your options are endless. It is important to consider which projects would be worth your money, particularly if you have plans on selling your house in the future. Do not forget your family’s comfort as you embark on a new renovation project.

Office Styling Tips You Should Remember

Conference Table Workplace InteriorInstead of asking, observe. That is what one interior designer says to entrepreneurs when it comes to styling their offices. You should pay attention to what your workers usually do and how they use the items in the office. Based on your observation, decide how to change your workplace for the better.

There can choose many design themes for your office. There are lots of options for aviator themed office furniture sets if you are after an industrial feel. After deciding on a design theme, consider the following factors when you style your workplace.


It is a no-brainer employees should be able to move around in the office with relative ease. However, many office interiors tend to restrict workers’ movements. There might be too many tables or bulky equipment. The dividers might also be doing more harm than good.

If you want your employees to be more creative, you should make them feel more liberated in their workplace. Let two or more employees share one table to save some space. Moreover, encourage them to discuss while walking every once in a while, instead of just sitting in the conference room.

It is also a good idea to apply zoning principles in your office interior. Aside from the desks, there should be comfy chairs where your employees may want to rest. You may set up a place where they can catch up and drink coffee.


People still respond to natural elements like the darkness of the night sky. That is why you should not disregard adding some elements from nature when you style your office interior. Plants in the office are the best examples. You may also install bigger windows to allow natural light to come in.

You can mix and match natural elements and modern design themes. You can also go for wallpaper that has patterns found in nature.

If you want your employees to be more creative, you ought to think about improving their workplace first. When styling an office, consider what your employees want and need. Do not just ask them directly; you should also observe. You should also put into consideration movement and nature.

For the Love of Beige: How to Use Beige Paint in your Home

living room and dining area in beigeBeige, beige, beige — it’s simply everywhere and plain boring. The thing is, it’s often used as a default colour with no actual thought to value, hue, and tone, as well as other colours that might look good with it. Beige is a subtly dramatic colour — the right shade could change the entire atmosphere of your home and would look different subject to different types of lighting and architecture.

Gavin Chan Decorators Limited and other designers list some inspiring ideas that could make anyone reconsider using beige for their homes:

  • Layering different tones of beige create a calming and soft look that would make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud of cashmere. Beige, regardless if they’re dark or light, works well with crisp white trim. If you’re after a traditional and classic look, this might be the ideal option for you.
  • Cool and light beige tones, when used in a massive space, would add some warmth and cosiness, but would still look modern. These are ideal alternatives to white in large, modern spaces.
  • In the kitchen, beige appliances and cabinets are an awesome substitute for sterile white or silver. Your kitchen would still look clean and crisp, but less austere and warmer.
  • Warm rich beiges with vivid colours, like bright red for instance with some crisp white trim, is a winning combination. You could easily showcase intricate architectural details with the contrast between white trim and the beige walls.
  • Why limit to using beige on your walls when you could also use it on the trim? Consider a door in dark beige with light beige and white walls. In addition, why not use beige as an accent colour instead of a base colour? Beige walls could showcase different angles in a space and provide it much needed depth.

Do you see it now? Although beige is favoured in more traditional home styles, you could use it anywhere in your home regardless of the style of your home. Whether your home’s aesthetic is a classic, contemporary, eclectic, mid-century, or bohemian, you’d definitely find a space for beige in your home.

Office Decor:: Make The Office Eclectic and Attractive

Office Design You might think your office décor does not play a role in employee morale and client retention, but these days, the value of the company image is steadily rising, with companies placing emphasis on furniture that gives employees comfort and ease in the workplace, but at the same time promoting creativity and productivity.

One way you can make your office layout work for you is to set up furniture and décor that makes clients have the confidence of working with you. How? Try to use the following tips to boost your company image and your workers’ creativity.

  1. Choose furniture not only for durability, but also for beauty.

Sometimes businesses focus on function and forget form.  These days however, you can combine form and function with the sleek design of modern office furniture.  Different materials, such as vinyl, fiber glass, and even plastic are becoming popular as affordable options for office furniture.

  1. Use window treatments to enhance mood.

Adding window treatments—such as curtains and shades—help to enhance mood in any space. For a professional look, use double roller blinds to give your office  privacy yet allow you a view of the cityscape.

  1. Choose one piece of furniture that would create a memorable image.

You don’t have to sacrifice the professional look you’ve come to expect of modern offices paces,  but you can enhance your office layout by choosing one piece of furniture that would reflect a quirky and eclectic side of your company.

Choose something that would reflect a theme your office service or product is connected. If your company deals with the airline business, why not choose aviator-themed office furniture? Such a piece would raise your client’s interest and might become a topic of your discussion.

  1. Use greenery and lighting.

Any object that reminds people of the natural world is essential in raising mood. Plants are known to reduce stress and increase productivity,  while the proper lighting puts people in the mood to be productive.

Sometimes a great company starts with a great working atmosphere, and it all begins in your office space.

More Than Style, Floating Stairs Offer Greater Space

Floating Stairs

Floating StairsBefore, staircases were often an afterthought, as these were only simple additions to the home. Nowadays, it has become an attractive fixture inside the home, as residents now make bold design statements by incorporating staircases into the overall visual appeal of their home.

As innovative design go, people have used various materials to achieve a stunning staircase. Apart from that, they have also experimented with different styles, which add architectural value. These techniques include floating stairs, which you can see in many properties. Before you contact a reliable contractor, such as those from AckworthHouse.co.nz, here are some reasons you should try incorporating this design into your home.

Breathtaking Minimalism

Floating staircases are perfect additions to minimalist homes, as these offer a unique aesthetic, especially to homes trying to achieve an open layout. Its design goes beyond traditional staircases, as it adds a dramatic touch to any room, turning heads. With an array of options available, you can customise it into anything you like.

When designing flights per floor, you have the choice not to stick to a single straight flight and go for various directions, making your floating staircase well-engineered enough to fit into unusual dimensions and measurements.

Space-Saving Wonders

This type of staircase design gives the illusion of a larger area, which works extremely well if you are dealing with small spaces. It takes very little space compared to conventional staircases, and it also exudes a light and airy atmosphere, making your home brighter and more comfortable on the eyes.

If you are iffy about storage space, then this is a great option because since the area under it is open, you may consider as an additional storage compartment.

Apart from having stylish interior décor, what property owners want is space, as there is an emphasis on storage nowadays. Floating staircases offer just what they need: style and space, which is what makes this option convenient.

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Sliding Blinds Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; as such, you desire to spruce it up whichever way possible. While major renovation projects may cost you a lot of money and time, there are easy and simple enough things that you can do to revamp your bedroom’s look and feel, minus the cost and hassle.

Here are some tips you may want to consider:

Build a makeshift walk-in closet

Building a “proper” walk-in closet may seem costly, but who says you can’t make one with inexpensive materials? Take a clothes cabinet, put it on one side of the room and install drape bars, leaving a bit of space around it. The makeshift walk-in closet will hide your clothes from plain sight and will add a fashionable feel to your bedroom.

Install sliding blinds

Specialists at yesblinds.com.au tell us that while sliding blinds are usually associated with offices, these can also work in the bedroom. These are especially perfect for bedrooms with expansive glass windows. Just place crossbars a little above the top edge of your window and install the blinds. Not only will the sliding blinds make your room more stylish, it will also give you privacy and protection from the sun’s glare.

Put a study table in your room

Reading documents from work, or maybe working on school tasks before you sleep is a common occurrence on weekdays. As such, it makes good sense to incorporate a sturdy yet stylish study table in your bedroom. Tables made from mahogany or maple wood are usually the best options as they fit with practically every room theme. For a chic touch, round wooden tables are also a great alternative.

Go ahead, put your bed in front of your window

It’s an old-school design rule that you cannot out a bed in front of a window. Positioning your bed this way whilst still achieving good design aesthetic can be challenging – but it is not impossible.  This works best with higher windows, and with those that have a good window treatment (such as panels or drapes).

Bringing Back the Wild Wild West Style Through Interior Design

Cowboy Style If you’ve ever watched the Toy Story Movie franchise, the iconic main character Woody the Cowboy symbolizes a dying western career and lifestyle. But, even if being a cowboy is no longer a popular employment, it still holds an iconic and unique theme that can be used for interior designs for restaurants, residences and other venues.

Restaurants and Diners

If your menu consists of barbeques, Texan dishes and cowboy grub then having the wild, Wild West invade your establishment is a must. You can go with the basic cowboy hats, saddles and horseshoes mounted on the wall, along with old western pictures of the great cow drives. Another option would be to aim for a saloon theme complete with swinging doors, wooden floors and a large bar with overhanging lights.

Residences and Rooms

It’s up to you if you want the cowboy theme to be part of the whole house or just a particular room like the lounge, the family room or even your child’s playroom. Either way, you can hang up your favorite Double J Pozzi saddle on one of the walls and make it your house or room’s decorative centerpiece. You can even put in a rocking horse in one of the corners for your children to enjoy.

Party Venues

This goes beyond having a Toy Story theme for children’s birthday parties. You can have a whole party venue decorated with vintage cowboy clothing, equipment and items that reflect the spirit of the Wild West. You can keep the cowboy theme too and offer it as part of your promotional offers to rodeo and cowboy enthusiasts.

Take note that these are just ideas that you can start with. You can also call design companies that are experts at western-themed designs for advice. They can choose the best decorative items to put into your rooms and venues depending on your needs and requirements and most of the items are already available in their catalogues too.


Landlord-Approved Ways to Decorate Your Rental

Rentals in Wellington Point Decorating your temporary home can be complicated because you have to weigh a number of considerations, including your deposit. The problem is, most landlords do not really permit the tenant to make permanent modifications on their property.

Fortunately, there are houses for rent in Wellington Point, such as those offered by patbarrettrealty.com.au, that allow minor changes or room repaint as long as the tenant takes care of its original condition.

Even though you cannot incorporate traditional decorating methods, you can still rely on below ideas. These will help you enhance the personality of your rented home without jeopardising your deposit.

Set Up Bold Wall Art

Be fearless and cover your walls with intricate artwork. Do not even think about those old student posters because they are outdated already. Instead, choose a more mature and chic design, like screen prints and lettering prints. You can even combine and match designs for a contemporary appeal.

Consider Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can serve as a speedy fix if you have unwanted things you want to cover up on your wall. This can range from a stain, a crack or a doorframe. If you use it in your bedroom, it can also be a stunning headboard that is not really complicated to make yourself.

Use Wall Stickers

You can personalise your walls without getting your landlord mad by adding stickers to liven up a room. Choose ones that are easily removable, so you can take them off once you move out. There are even functional wall stickers that come with hooks to hang coats.

Include Statement Lighting

Even though you cannot change where your lights go in the ceiling, you can still manage the level of mood lighting in a room. You can do this by investing in statement pendant lights, lamps, candles or lanterns.

Who says you cannot have your freedom when you are renting? Follow the above design tricks to unleash your creativity in your own rented space.