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A Guide To Burglar-Proofing Your Home

Burglar Breaking Into A House

Burglar Breaking Into A HouseThere were more than 1.6 million burglaries in the U.S last year, according to the Department of Justice. The losses from these robberies totaled to approximately $3.9 billion. Most burglaries that happen are preventable. It’s important for every home owner to take preventive measures before the ‟bad guys” strike.

The Psychology Behind How Criminals Work

To protect your home from thieves, the experts at Resorts Locksmith Services explain that you must first understand how the mind of a burglar works. Interviews from several sociologists reveal that most burglars are opportunists. They love to target homes they can easily access without being noticed. In deciding on whether or not to attack a home, criminals use these factors: Visibility, time and noise.

Reducing Accessibility

Burglars want to sneak in and out of a house as quickly as possible. They know that the longer it takes to get into a house, the more likely someone will see them and call the police. You can use this fact to your advantage by making entry to your house harder.

A great way of doing this would be to talk to Panama City Beach locksmiths to add an extra lock to your door. The locksmith could also add an extra door lock at the floor level to reinforce security. According to research, 30% of all thefts are through an unlocked garage, doors or windows. As a home owner, you should always lock all the entry points in your home.

Noise Factor

Home security systems and barking dogs have also been known to keep the bad guys away. As mentioned earlier, noise is a factor when burglars are deciding whether to steal from a house or not.

Visibility Factor

Installing security lights in your home will also keep thieves away. Houses that are poorly lit at night and those that are surrounded by shrubs entice uninvited guests.

As a home owner, you need to prevent thieves and trespassers from entering your property. A noisy, well-lit and less-accessible house keeps burglars away.

Home Fence in Grand Rapids: Don’t Forget the Rules

A close up of a green chain link fence on an angle.Fences don’t only increase your home’s curb appeal, but they also improve privacy. Building one, though, isn’t as simple as buying the materials and getting things done. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, it requires following certain guidelines.

How to Build a Fence in Grand Rapids

Based on the city’s residential zoning rules, many factors can affect the installation of your home’s fence. These include:

  • Location of the fence – The fence can be on the side, rear, or front. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it doesn’t obstruct your view of the fence. Don’t forget to make sure you install the fence within your property.
  • Height of the fence – Because a home fence should not provide a clear view of the street and driveway corners, the city insists you maintain a certain height, which can range between 30 and 72 inches (6 feet).
  • Kind of fence – Your Grand Rapids fence can be open or closed. Anything that gives you a clear vision such as wrought iron or chain link is open, although a closed fence can still be open when the spaces between slats have equal width.

Should You Get a Permit?

In Grand Rapids, you need to secure a zoning permit before you can build a home fence if the height is more than 30 inches. Although it can take only a few minutes to get one – and the fee is cheap – creating the site plan takes time since it needs a “head overview” of the entire property and its surrounding roadways, as well as where you’re planning to install the fence. There are also additional papers to submit if your home is within the city’s historic district.

With these guidelines, you may think about forgoing fencing but don’t. There’s an easy way around it, and that is hiring a professional who specializes in home fence installations in Grand Rapids. With the company’s experience and skill, it can build your fence quickly while meeting the city’s requirements. 

Keep Safe: Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Service for Your Home

Home SecuritySmart technology has been used widely in mobile and communication devices. This has penetrated other industries in the market as well, including home and office security systems. To this end, alarm-monitoring services have made many advancements in home security features and devices. As threats grow, the need for safety systems with advanced control functions and surveillance are becoming more popular amongst homeowners.

  • Wireless Security

This is among the leading features households look for when installing home security systems. Burglars often cut wires of security systems before breaking into a house. The use of wireless security eliminates the need for punching holes in walls. Homeowners can quickly cover security points with no fear of wires being cut by outsiders.

  • Video Surveillance

A security alarm system isn’t complete without a video surveillance system. As such, more wholesale alarm monitoring services are providing security systems with the option of adding videos. New video surveillance technologies like these are accessible through mobile apps and are available at a reasonable price.

  • Home Automation System

In a bid to provide convenience for end-users, alarm-monitoring services have created security systems that control other systems in a house. Home automation systems can regulate humidity controls, monitor the entertainment system, and sync multiple appliances. Though pricey, this system increases efficiency at home.

  • Self-monitoring Security System

This allows homeowners to access any home security feature using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This often comes with customized applications that notify homeowners of activities going on at home like kids arriving from school, unusual alarm triggers, or any trespassers around your home.

Every passing year sees an improvement of alarm monitoring services with features designed to bring convenience and efficiency. Decide which to install to promote safety.